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  1. I am now thinking it is because the steering wheel is designed for pc and I am using it on pc. Strange that it works for grab tourismo 5 though
  2. Also just tested the wheel in gran tourismo 5 and it works fine
  3. Yes. It is set to preset 1. I am unable to go into "view/customse config" and reassign the controls to the wheel. advanced wheel settings and force feedback options are greyed out
  4. I am trying to use a Logitech MOMO Racing Force (Racing) to work with F1 2014 on the ps3. The steering wheel is the one listed here http://support.logitech.com/en_us/product/momo-racing-force-feedback-wheel#knowledge, and I believe it should be supported as listed here http://blog.codemasters.com/f1/10/f1-2014-supported-wheel-list/. Is it just plug and play, or do I need to do something to enable the game to use the steering wheel? Note that the wheel works in the menu, and can launch the game, but the game does not respond (even in the menus)  once launch from the steering wheel inputs
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