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  1. tomracingnutfan

    What's Your Favourite F1 Game?

    Personally I would love the next F1 game in the series to be like the original 2010 title. The atmosphere, The excitement and the sheer amazement that I got when I first played F1 2010 is still very vivid and I still think it's the best F1 game codemasters has made (So far).  The 'Live the Life of a racing driver' needs a warm return, the paddock, the post-race interviews and practice 1, 2 and 3 need to be implemented. I believe that some of the community did rather enjoy the Classic Cars that the 2013 had to offer and it reminded me of the F1 Championship edition, and like the F1CE game I think should work hard for those classic cars, instead of giving them away at the start of the game, to give the game longevity, so to speak. I'm sure many if not most of the community have better ideas than mine, I'm deeply sorry if I shame you with my total lack of detail on which I apologize. Best of luck for the new title and I will definitely be buying the next installment.