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    F1 2015 Game Ideas and Suggestions

    I'm not English native speaker, so ignore my grammars mistakes, please. I love this game, but the next F1 needs improve a lot:1 - Carrer mode to improve. Need more interesting dialogues, need to do decisions, and a lot of things, one story and etc. The current carrer mode is really pathetic. Needs to be like one single player game, carrer mode can be much better. The offlines players needs more ways to fun.2 - Let Brazilian players, Europe Players, and USA players, every them together to play. In the same server. This way the races will have more players in the same race.3 - Before the race needs one written chat. aren't all that have microphone4 - Why change de pilot's name in scenarios modes?? I want to know which pilot I'm using5 - The AI needs improve. Dumbs AI, OMG! HAHA6 - Sell this game more cheap, in my country is really expensive this game, and it's really bad because new players dont buy, and I want a lot of players online to race with me ^^7 - offline mode... the AI players hit us, and we are penalized for this HAHA it's really frustrating Pls! The F1 2015 can be a successful game. But you need take a risk, and this way change a lot of things. Failed 2014. If you make the classic again, Don't forget the Ayrton Senna, Brazilian players got really sad with this, in F1 2013 u.u