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  1. AsHeavenIsWide

    2015 for free?

    Trust me its £50 pre order on consoles in most places, they have to make a good game to get money because people will wait until after release.
  2. AsHeavenIsWide

    Announcing F1 2015

    Game and Amazon pre order is £50 just like most places. (consoles) That is crazy, Lets hope this game turns out good because most people going to wait until after release
  3. AsHeavenIsWide

    Announcing F1 2015

    Career mode will be missed, that gave the most replay value in the whole game, It was bad enough letting you choose any team in 2014 because progression/reward was non existant.
  4. AsHeavenIsWide

    Announcing F1 2015

    Will there be a F12015 Demo?
  5. AsHeavenIsWide

    Announcing F1 2015

    To be fair atleast they have admitted that creating your own driver/career mode has been cut out and not forgotten to mention it, not that they would mention it unless somone had asked. The whole new tyre model thing sounds really good but unless the AI are effected exactly the same way as the player its an hinderance more than a feature. Previous CMF1 games the AI had a different set of rules to a human player, running on rails in the rain on slicks for example. You can take that as a question @PonchoBillybob 
  6. AsHeavenIsWide

    Announcing F1 2015

    CM you should really consider a demo before release, considering how bad the last few F1 games have been nobody going to be preordering a £45 game. Hype is not real....yet
  7. AsHeavenIsWide

    What are you hoping for with 2015?

    An announcement would be nice....
  8. AsHeavenIsWide

    F1 2015 Leaked (Confirmed)

    Not defending anyone.
  9. AsHeavenIsWide

    F1 2015 Leaked (Confirmed)

    Well its been a week (7 days) since Hatta said we would have an "F1 2015 announcment" I can chime in with speculation as well and say its going to be released end of May lets go for the 29th. Hope they found out who leaked the internal email in the first place. If this was Blizzard or some other big company they would of been diciplined for sure maybe worse. Not like codemasters are having a problem with cutting people loose at the moment.
  10. AsHeavenIsWide

    F1 2015 Leaked (Confirmed)

    You actually have a good point. I dont own a Xbox One yet either. So no chance of preordering this year.  CM need to realize all the fanboys have turned into pessimist's and are not going to be rushing to get the game day one no more.
  11. AsHeavenIsWide

    F1 2015 Leaked (Confirmed)

    People think CM fixing bugs? You would hope so. but i am not holding my breath, every game so far had major bugs on release, or missing content. The series has gone down hill and F12014 was a kick in the teeth. @Hatta we going to get a demo? Atleast answer some question in this thread you are apparently "community manager" The amount of hype around F12015 is enough to make me go play a train simultor...
  12. AsHeavenIsWide

    What's Your Favourite F1 Game?

    2011. Just over 2010 because it added content like the safety car. Both were awesome games, because the focus was mainly on career mode what should be priority in my opinion and i actually finsihed a few career seasons. 2012. was a disaster taking away practice session and tyre wear scaling. Cheers for letting us know that before we pre-ordered ;) 2013. had the 0 replay value scenario mode content, had that "new" feature tyre scaling, had some good classic content, think this version had 6 or 7 patches post release to fix all those bugs which didnt look good but atleast it had patches. Was an ok game. 2014. Basically a cash cow copy and paste from 2013 except you can choose any team for career. 2015 should just concentrate on career and improve a little on MP. Give us practice session back and a formation lap atleast.