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  1. The one on original PlayStation with Murray when Ruben's and Eddie drove for Jordan.  I always have good memories from leagues on codies f1 13
  2. For 1 unlock for a specific game keep it reasonable. At £9 for for each specific unlock, if you have 3 games offered and I want to play them all that's £27 for a phone app? No thank you. Football Manager Mobile usually costs me between £4 and £8 and I play 100s and 100s of hours on that. 
  3. If you want to build support for the product, perhaps offer a few free licenses to the community and have a handful of the more active users who actually have the games (immediately rules me out) review it.  Otherwise, 9 quid for each game specific unlocking of the app, with no testimony from trusted players, seems incredibly high.
  4. That's partially what our app allows ::smile: We developed it just for this, to give access to the available physics parameters of the game to improve the setup and driving style. This is the first release and at the moment we have the core features, we plan new features in the future specifically tailored to the setup analysis. Nice one. Would like them to put it in game assuming they have more parameters than what they can kick out to the apps. If your app is doing that I'd defo give it a try if they've actually given '18 a chance. 
  5. I don't understand how you can call developing random pieces of software for other games Codies' job. I think Codies' job is to allow these kinds of software for their games, like what they have been doing for ages now. To a degree. But people have asked for actual in game telemetry for quite some time. We're talking about F1 after all.  A lot of these are just timing tools with some useful information.  What would be nice would be track analysis like you'd see in F1, Overlays versus team-mate, more realistic tyre model with telemetry where you could see if you are running too
  6. Yeah, but equally its too easy to please the hob-knobs.
  7. Feeling it. How come in 2010 we could league race with our Aussie chums and now we can't see them? In the intervening period my connection has improved by a factor of 20!
  8. Lagspins, invisible cars, flying cars, pogoing cars, safety cars allowing one driver to keep lapping at normal speed so that by end of sc period that driver has 2mins+ lead despite hitting under sc! Seriously, what is it your testing teams do?
  9. Is it possible to get money back under sale of goods act in the UK? It's not fit for purpose with the same issues as ever. Every year our download/ upload speeds increase yet each year ability to race f1 online has gotten worse, specifically with Americans, south Americans and Australians. Farcical stuff. Testing teams for this company are useless.
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