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  1. Check your accelerator activation in the advanced settings. There were a lot of reports over past few years of PS4 pads not giving 100% throttle.

    Why does Codemasters leave the games unfinished?

    Codemasters done themselves a mischief

    Stop whinging

    If those complaining are crybabies, does that make you a shill?

    PIT STOP BUG - Another Fun League Race

    Gollygosh (swearfilter) that's tough. I've streamed a few and seen some crazy things and thats more of the same. I think what you are doing wrong is that all you guys are at your own homes and not in custom fitted out arena's with commentators who are contractually obliged not to see glitching or floating cars. What were you all thinking?

    Why does Codemasters leave the games unfinished?

    If it does have an engine, its a 2015 Honda, and the chassis is the 2017 McLaren.

    Why does Codemasters leave the games unfinished?

    I don't play Dirt, never was a fan. That last EGO update I remember WRT F1 games involved someone calling F1 2015 onwards ego 3.5. I'm not arguing with you or anything, you had said "Otherwise we would have same issues in other Codies' titles."...and I'm pointing out 15-18 have shared many problems. Even issues resolved towards the end of 17 ended up making it into 18. For dirt 4 they likely use a completely different branch of the ego engine as there is a lot more to simulate in terms of grip effects on gravel, ice, snow and less to simulate in terms of vehicle dynamics, tyre heating, brake heating etc. Of course these are all assumptions and Codies could equally come on here and tell us this is not the case.

    Why does Codemasters leave the games unfinished?

    15, 16, 17, 18 are the other codies titles with which there have been issues. Does Dirt run on something else? Unreal Engine, Rage, Frostbite etc etc are other examples of engines.

    Why does Codemasters leave the games unfinished?

    Its the easiest thing to do. Why would they change to finishing games up correctly when people will just pay through the nose for the new release anyways. Alternatively they don't have the required skills to correct their own engine

    Which is the best F1 game so far?

    The one on original PlayStation with Murray when Ruben's and Eddie drove for Jordan.  I always have good memories from leagues on codies f1 13

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    Yeah, but equally its too easy to please the hob-knobs.
  11. Feeling it. How come in 2010 we could league race with our Aussie chums and now we can't see them? In the intervening period my connection has improved by a factor of 20!

    Patch confirmation?

    Lagspins, invisible cars, flying cars, pogoing cars, safety cars allowing one driver to keep lapping at normal speed so that by end of sc period that driver has 2mins+ lead despite hitting under sc! Seriously, what is it your testing teams do?

    Patch confirmation?

    Is it possible to get money back under sale of goods act in the UK? It's not fit for purpose with the same issues as ever. Every year our download/ upload speeds increase yet each year ability to race f1 online has gotten worse, specifically with Americans, south Americans and Australians. Farcical stuff. Testing teams for this company are useless.