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    F1 2020 - Things to make the game better

    Didn't take long to start this again. Hilarious stuff.

    F1 2019 A disaster.

    They are not 'currently looking at' it. So they may have already looked and decided that each teams performance is acceptable to them and if we don't like it, we can change it in career. Is there a data file on steam with editable team and driver performance tables?

    8 career mode seasons, not 1 SC or VSC

    Less likely to deploy in 25% race are they? More dejavu. This could be any SC thread since 2015.
  4. No to all these foreign tracks, coming over here stealing our Grand Prix.

    Patch 1.13 Any news?

    I see communication is still a strong point with codemasters. Its interesting checking in every month or two to see how little they interact with the community once the games released.
  6. OG XBOX. I've noticed that there doesn't appear to be any wheel centering force in game. First time using wheel with codies F1 game.  Downloaded all the software, updated firmware.  Everything FFB, all settings, standard g920 profile except 270 rotation and 50 linearity on wheel so I could turn at low speed. No deadzones or saturation changes. All pedals sta Dard and work fine.  I have tried playing with the profiler on PC and saving to the wheels default profile. On the PC, in the logitech apps menu there is wheel centering which I have turned on with a force of 50. On desktop the wheel centering forces apply. On xbox in menus before starting f1 there is wheel centering. Once I start f1 2018 game its gone. The wheel in F1 2018 is limp in menu, no menu centering force like pcars. It only activates once on track and is completely limp until the 5 red lights go out on 'flying lap option'  Jumped into calibration but there are a very few things to change. Absolute bare basics of settings compared to what I remember in other games. Is there an additional settings menu somewhere where I need to activate this on f1??? I just want that nice 'return to center' feeling I am used to. Otherwise wheel works well now for FFB when cornering etc, just feels dead in straight line about the middle. 

    Your first F1 game

    Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge on the NES in early 90's. I remember a cabinet game that was pretty similar, although better looking and older, TX1 I think it was.

    Multiplayer: People should be penalized [Video]

    F2019 "Featuring Realistically Inconsistent Stewards and penalties. Again".

    F1 2019 Cover

    Zero cares for cover art. My only suggestion would be that they list, all the aspects of the game that 100% just work on the back cover, so when inevitably none of it is working it will be easier to process a refund.


    Its cool that he's created it, but I hate the thing, so so much. There is no on screen graphic used in any other sport that I despise more than that. By all means, make it an option...

    F1 2019 and VR...lets speculate

    No. Maybe 2020 or beyond if the next gen consoles/stream boxes can handle it, If its just for PC not sure if its worth it to them yet.

    Slow Load times on Forums.

    Pages regularly take upwards of a minute to load. What gives?

    Xbox one blue screen lag

    This kind of sounds like the issue some were having in prior years with the XBOX DVR settings. Try adjusting it down to record in 720p. Source: (There are many similar posts but search function absolutely sucks...)

    Wheel Users: shoes, yay or nay?

    Totes Toasties for the win.

    My master wish for F1 2019

    Difficult to implement. How can the game decide what is important? Maybe 20th position has a crash and it pans to that, missing a human driver overtaking 3 cars for the lead. Like that time ITV cut to an advert and the viewers missed some of the action in the closing laps between Schumi and Nando in San Marino '05 (or a few years before that when Hill in his Arrows was chasing down Schumi, or Mika winning the title in '98 whilst Schumi had an exploded tyre as they were on break LOL)
  16. They shouldn't be going backwards. Keep the tyre model and make it work correctly. They need to stop brushing issues they know about under the carpet, and communicate them. Also, they should add whatever changes they've just made to the tyre model for the frametime-related overheating to their base code for 19 so we're not shouting about it come the summer. PC crew will be all over that on the Beta.

    Question about F1 2018

    You don't know what they were thinking? I guess F1 is no longer for you then. Best of luck.
  18. Why are people relating this to the earlier changes to Tyre cooling? Yes they dumbed it down and the elites felt hard done by but isn't this another issue entirely? If they had sorted this out earlier, maybe the pad users wouldn't have had such a bad experience. Frame-rate directly impacted tyre cooling, lower frame-rate equals tyres not cooling down correctly... On One X or PS4 pro, running in 4K would give different results to running 1080p. And that's just dumb. Multiple people had been describing it anecdotally as an issue with tyres not cooling down on straights as you would expect. Maybe if they had investigated that, they wouldn't have completely fragmented the user base.
  19. This is what I would like to know, but in terms of One X versus One S versus Xbox OG.

    Question about F1 2018

    Its not too bad. Its no more distracting than the HUD covering your mirror so....design decisions.
  21. During my seasons it was easy enough to get away with just running the other programs and forget race strat like you say. Still get max points or close. Occasionally you might miss out on 5 out of 25 points in the team goals but its a small price to pay!
  22. Pretty sure you were right the first time, Race program wrecks it. I would run them and with high difficulties I was having to really push on the race programs. The calculation would then end up suggesting I bring my own oil tanker with me. So I started lowering difficulty of the practice programs a little. Then I could beat the Race program on Lean, and so they'd underfuel the car badly. On top of that, sometimes the fuel in car that the game is reporting is completely wrong anyways. More fuel is used going down the pits on pit limiter than when pushing on track for example. Its kind of a hot mess.

    Any Patch coming ? What the hell!

    That's a very good video. pCars had a serious issue on xbox when the tick rate would go crazy and lap times in the same car could differ by 10s or more just based on maxing grid versus having 12 or fewer AI.

    Any Patch coming ? What the hell!

    Thanks for that. Ties to something previously mentioned by someone (me) about how the tyre cooldown when on straights was probably not working correctly.

    Any Patch coming ? What the hell!

    Frame rate related tyre issues? I'll bite. Link me.