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    F1 2020 - Things to make the game better

    Didn't take long to start this again. Hilarious stuff.

    F1 2019 A disaster.

    They are not 'currently looking at' it. So they may have already looked and decided that each teams performance is acceptable to them and if we don't like it, we can change it in career. Is there a data file on steam with editable team and driver performance tables?

    8 career mode seasons, not 1 SC or VSC

    Less likely to deploy in 25% race are they? More dejavu. This could be any SC thread since 2015.
  4. No to all these foreign tracks, coming over here stealing our Grand Prix.

    Patch 1.13 Any news?

    I see communication is still a strong point with codemasters. Its interesting checking in every month or two to see how little they interact with the community once the games released.
  6. OG XBOX. I've noticed that there doesn't appear to be any wheel centering force in game. First time using wheel with codies F1 game.  Downloaded all the software, updated firmware.  Everything FFB, all settings, standard g920 profile except 270 rotation and 50 linearity on wheel so I could turn at low speed. No deadzones or saturation changes. All pedals sta Dard and work fine.  I have tried playing with the profiler on PC and saving to the wheels default profile. On the PC, in the logitech apps menu there is wheel centering which I have turned on with a force of 50. On desktop the wheel centering forces apply. On xbox in menus before starting f1 there is wheel centering. Once I start f1 2018 game its gone. The wheel in F1 2018 is limp in menu, no menu centering force like pcars. It only activates once on track and is completely limp until the 5 red lights go out on 'flying lap option'  Jumped into calibration but there are a very few things to change. Absolute bare basics of settings compared to what I remember in other games. Is there an additional settings menu somewhere where I need to activate this on f1??? I just want that nice 'return to center' feeling I am used to. Otherwise wheel works well now for FFB when cornering etc, just feels dead in straight line about the middle. 

    Your first F1 game

    Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge on the NES in early 90's. I remember a cabinet game that was pretty similar, although better looking and older, TX1 I think it was.

    Multiplayer: People should be penalized [Video]

    F2019 "Featuring Realistically Inconsistent Stewards and penalties. Again".

    F1 2019 and VR...lets speculate

    No. Maybe 2020 or beyond if the next gen consoles/stream boxes can handle it, If its just for PC not sure if its worth it to them yet.

    Which is the best F1 game so far?

    The one on original PlayStation with Murray when Ruben's and Eddie drove for Jordan.  I always have good memories from leagues on codies f1 13

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    Yeah, but equally its too easy to please the hob-knobs.
  12. Feeling it. How come in 2010 we could league race with our Aussie chums and now we can't see them? In the intervening period my connection has improved by a factor of 20!

    Patch confirmation?

    Lagspins, invisible cars, flying cars, pogoing cars, safety cars allowing one driver to keep lapping at normal speed so that by end of sc period that driver has 2mins+ lead despite hitting under sc! Seriously, what is it your testing teams do?

    Patch confirmation?

    Is it possible to get money back under sale of goods act in the UK? It's not fit for purpose with the same issues as ever. Every year our download/ upload speeds increase yet each year ability to race f1 online has gotten worse, specifically with Americans, south Americans and Australians. Farcical stuff. Testing teams for this company are useless.