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  1. Ok, this may seem like a silly question but, will the new tracks when they are eventually added be added to career mode or just stand alone tracks?
  2. is it going to be fresh news we're getting next week or is it what we've already been told? @justbiglee 
  3. @justbiglee  I think it'd be good if you could maybe push for a demo to be released, being the first F1 game on the new consoles it'd be nice to have a go before buying the game
  4. any idea when we'll get some videos of the game? @justbiglee 
  5. so there's no formation laps this year? @justbiglee 
  6. I'm not asking when it'll be out, I'm simply asking when we'll hear some news on it, I'm not expecting it to be out until June/July 
  7. @Hatta do yous have a date in mind yet? this week? how soon?
  8. It's clear the game isn't ready to be launched... not a surprise though. I guess it will come halfway through the F1 season. yeah no doubt it won't be ready to be launched yet but they can still announce it or give us some information
  9. FOM/the teams & codemasters really need to hurry with the announcement and some pictures/gameplay -.-
  10. are we going to get an announcement before the Melbourne GP??
  11. DRS detection point is where you need to be within a second of the car in front to be able to use DRS when the activation point comes up. and yes, the second car status is where it shows tyre wear :)
  12. @Hatta Luke, any chance of a demo or an open beta this year, or is that a no again?
  13. @Hatta so if this years game will ship with both '14 and '15 cars, then I'm guessing the 'in season updates' will be when the cars get developed by the teams, eg front wings, rear wings etc. is that right or ?
  14. I like the idea of having more manual starts.. maybe the old KERS button as a clutch or something like that, so it's not just flooring the throttle every time. along with formation lap, parade lap and manual pit stops, I think it'd be a good step for CM and then gradually add better/more things throughout the next few years.. 
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