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  1. JoeLee

    NO AUDIO ON F12018?

    I have absolutely no audio on f12018 through my tv or headset! Any ideas?
  2. So I’m guessing it’ll appear once you’ve been added to it?
  3. I’ve been selected! Xbox one!
  4. JoeLee

    Silverstone 2019

    I can try out any grandstand Friday and Saturday? That’s a good idea. I’ll be sure to have a wonder about! Thank you
  5. JoeLee

    Silverstone 2019

    Nice! I have tickets for the village grandstand, shouldn’t be too bad for viewing! What’s the script with getting on the track for the podium after the race?
  6. JoeLee

    Silverstone 2019

    Thank you very much. A lot of helpful information there. Are the live events free to go to each day or do you have to buy separate tickets? And also what about getting onto the track for the podium after the race?
  7. JoeLee

    Silverstone 2019

    Hi guys. Just looking for some advice/tips. I’m going to F1 British GP this year for the very first time. I will be there the whole weekend. Does anyone have any good tips that would be useful to me, what to take to the track on each day, best place to possibly meet drivers etc?