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  1. Exactly. Their marketing strategy for DiRT 4...or lack thereof baffles me! The hype is real. Hype for DiRT 4 is nonexistent. I think you're still a cool dude. Feel free to start the DiRT 4 hype...3...2...1...anytime now.
  2. Same here, T500. FFB weak and wrong. Edit: Overall a giant step in the right direction though, well done.
  3. Hype for DiRT 4 is nonexistent. @justbiglee I still love ya. Feel free to start the DiRT 4 hype in 3...2...1...anytime now.
  4. Exactly. Their marketing strategy for DiRT 4...or lack thereof baffles me!
  5. Didn't the FFB patch come out this week for PC Dirt 3 already? Seems like I saw the update on Steam but haven't seen any announcement or any talk of it here in the Codies forum? Did it really happen?
  6. Also...sjsharp2010...I can't wait for your birthday.
  7. Eurogamer.net's update to their previous analysis of pCars... "UPDATE: It's come to our attention that the build of Project Cars used as the basis for this article was not intended by the developer Slightly Mad Studios for technical analysis. We weren't aware of this, which was the unfortunate result of some miscommunication on our part with the game's publisher. It was an honest mistake and it is not our intention to misrepresent the game, so we've unpublished the videos that form the basis of the article. We'll be able to bring you a full analysis of a more advanced build of the game in the
  8. That line feels familiar. I seem to remember something similar in a report about WRC3 or 4. Not to suggest that they are being given a line by Milestone though as it may be complete coincidence. I can see why people might think that though. We've been running in stealth mode for a while now. I agree with the above statement. And now a question for the Codies folks, what exactly is the benefit of your company operating in "stealth mode"? To fool people in to thinking the company is doing nothing?! Great plan.  I keep hearing responses about licensing woes. Do you n
  9. I still don't understand Codemasters' approach to public relations and drumming up excitement and enthusiasm about any upcoming games/sims, namely F1 2015 and Dirt 4. Whoever is in charge of that needs to be fired (maybe already has?) or needs their head examined. I assume your hands are tied @justbiglee ,but seriously, if Dirt 4 is as amazing as anyone who's played it claims it is then why in the h$%!! wouldn't you guys start bragging about it?! And what's going on with F1 2015? Surely that is a lot closer to release and the only thing I've seen is some "leaked" footage or screen shots?! Wha
  10.           Answer: Yes...anything.
  11. @justbiglee              Things I liked about Sebastian Loeb Rally Evo announcement were... 1.) That they actually made some kind of announcement at all (wink wink, nudge nudge). 2.) Love the idea of GPS data for rally tracks and using video footage to fill in the surrounds. That's a suggestion of mine I've made in several forums and it felt like they were talking to me. 3.) Graphics look great 4.) Love the emphasis on rally stages.                Things I don't li
  12. In regards to Codemasters image with the public I'm still dumbfounded at your general secrecy with the release of new games. Why not engage the public more?  Screenshots, playable demo, let us in on the game modes, ask for feedback. pCars has essentially asked for help from thousands of users to help guide the final product. Assetto Corsa released while still in development. The way you guys are doing everything behind closed doors only alienates you from the sim community. I get that you opened the doors to a lucky few. But come on...time to break the silence. End the madness!
  13. Still too early for a screenshot? Don't want to rush anything...
  14. Maybe you guys could make an announcement about when there might be some kind of announcement? A pre-announcement announcement. Sort of...something to look forward to.
  15. Curious when there will be some actual..."news"? Still too early for even a screenshot?! Still don't understand the marketing strategy.
  16. Early Access is the new norm, everyone's doing it, especially in the Sim driving/racing genre. I'd happily pay full price in advance for early access. I've been a part of pCars and Assetto Corsa, no regrets at all. You guys can keep the title fresh by regularly releasing DLC after the title "goes gold". Not a bad approach really, Codemasters has taken a lot of flack lately by releasing a new F1 game every year when the content doesn't warrant an entirely new title. If Dirt 4 has a solid core then DLC would be a welcome addition and could extend the life of the title for years. Just set up a so
  17. Would people be prepared to put money in to a name that's already successful? That already has the funds? I think people would see that as a way for the publisher to make a game for free and wouldn't go down well with a lot of people. Well, if they are laying people off...how successful are they? Do they already have the funds they need? Hope so.
  18. Maybe Codemasters should follow Project Cars' model? They raised millions by pre-selling the game and giving the "investors" input on the development via early access?
  19. OK...that was an ill-timed first post. I guess there IS some news regarding Dirt 4...LAYOFFS!! Apologies to anyone at Codies who got the pink slip...bad news indeed. Hope @justbiglee dodged the bullet.
  20. OK, first off…I do hope some news (or an open beta) is coming soon…if so, disregard most of what’s below. If not... I check this forum almost daily in hopes that there will be ANYTHING regarding a Dirt 4 release. All I can tell is that there is definitely a Dirt 4 in the works and seems to be quite good as those who've seen/played it are quite pleased with it and those involved in the development are very proud of it. Lee (justbiglee) you seem like a great guy with an impossible job, but for the life of me I can't understand Codemasters' marketing strategy
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