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  1. Same in Italian Lenguage...
  2. MarcusPia

    more details for stage

    I agree with this request, it will be very helpfull.
  3. MarcusPia

    Please solve the fuzzy graphic on xbox One / S

    I agree 100%. Most of the console sold are old version...
  4. MarcusPia

    Please solve the fuzzy graphic on xbox One / S

    Sorry but discussion it's why this poor cleaning on graphics when on same console Dirt and Dirt 4 was better. Anyway we have only to wait and hope about a solution.
  5. MarcusPia

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.2 - found a bug? Post it here!

    I have the same but mainly on the parc assistance. After the patch 1.2.1 in firs pace note called in portughese and not in italian. Bug of the audio still there. My version is on xbox one.
  6. MarcusPia

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.2 - found a bug? Post it here!

    I played 2-3 hours with V1.2 and : - Audio problem still there, in the middle of one stage no audio till the end of the stage (happend only one time)Translation on menu - wheather some time it's "cancellato" that in italian mean deleted, probably you mean "clear" that in italian it's better to translate with "Sereno". Please to change one pacenote,from DR1 on the pacenote do you use "crinale" that in Italian it's "Dosso", none use crinale in italian. - Dark problem it's now better but graphics as written from other players it's still blurry with some time frame drops.I hope in continuos support from sodemaster to solve step by step all this problem because the game it's very good for the other aspect. Best regards.
  7. I agree same or worst with standard xbox one
  8. Yes i have same problem, i saw video from xboxone x and it's very good, i ho codemaster can fix the graphic for xbox one and ps4 old generation because out of thi problem the game it's very good.
  9. I Bought on my standatd xboxone DR2.0 and i'm very disappointed. The worst graphic ever on a codemaster game, much worst than dirt 4 an dirt rally. I know that now there is xbox one x but why this close to be unplayable on standard xbox..... Graphic it's better on replay than during the game but still not understandabe this poor quality. Hope for a patch but codemaster seems to not be care about ps4 and standard xbox one owner. Sorry. This is my first claim to codemaster since Colin Mcrea 1.