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  1. This autumn confirmed games are: seb loeb rally evo,wrc5,forza 6  Game in waiting room: dirt 4 ,gran turismo(but for this i'm not sure.........  Project cars will released on middle may ( after 3 delay it's not sure).
  2. My only race on snow was a roll...... sfter 5 turns  :(
  3. For my previous post about marketing i think 2 games at year in different half of year are good for player and for developer ... i will not buy 4 games in one year and i think most of the people after a lot of time whitout games will buy the first released.
  4. Wrc 5 Are in development by kyloton.... (paris)
  5. I think special will be only the licence.... i was play tester on for milestone but all suggestion was blocked ..... i think fronm the publisher and not fron the programmers in milestone...
  6. Fantastic stupid marketing.... 2014 without good racing game and 2015 with seb loeb rally + wrc 5 + project cars +(maybe) dirt 4 + forza 6 (FOR XBOX ONE)...... i don't understand this nonsense planning of release....
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