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  1. Aoyagi

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    So you can't race a car because you don't like the colour? Diva alert :smiley:  Let's just say that bright white and bright red aren't very pleasant to my eyes. And originally, I thought that the DLC cars will have at least the options like vanilla cars, that's some pre-made liveries, not that they will have unchangeable annoying colours. That was before I found out about the livery editor used in multiplayer, which makes it even more inexcusable. And it's not much of "my car" when I can't do anything with it, is it? I don't see how fallaciously yelling "diva alert" makes it any better.
  2. Aoyagi

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    So in good faith I bought a DLC or two, but I can't use the cars, because for some unfathomable reason I can't use the livery editor from online  play for single player (or at least the liveries made there) and the stock colours are ....stock. Lovely.