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  1. I have this same problem of over wearing the engine because I tend to need to put in a lot of practice to get in the groove. I’ve decided I’m going to perhaps forego p3 based on the above comments.
  2. I wasn't aware of this little assist being available for pad users. Thanks for the info.
  3. Thanks for the tip that looks like a really useful site and definitely one to keep bookmarked👌
  4. This is how I see it as well. It's the one area where the UI is inconsistent in comparison to the rest.
  5. I think it's still confusing tbh lol On all other areas of the setup screen the right side increases the area you are looking at.. i.e. aero - higher aero is on the right. Ride height - higher is on the right. But with camber If we want to increase it we have to move it to the left. Just a bit counter intuitive. It's good to have this clarification so thanks for that but anyone new having not seen this can easily fund that confusing as so many have over the years 🤪
  6. That being the case they surely would have altered this after all these years. This one has always proved to be very confusing. @David Greco CM can you clarify this one please and put to bed a long standing area of confusion. Many thanks. I see this had already been answered. See following post.
  7. Really good to have your expertise here, many thanks and thanks @UP100 for setting this up. Much appreciated 😀 So are your saying that the Xbox version handling is different to how it was in the final beta. If so how has it changed and for what reason? Cheers.
  8. I've had this same problem on Xbox and contacted Codemasters about it several weeks ago now. They acknowledged my email and replied with a few questions which I've answered and then said it had been escalated. I've not heard anything back from them in a couple of weeks now 👎
  9. deleted.. thought this was referring to 2015. Apologies.
  10. My only experience with the AI in the wet so far is Austria in an onine race where several teams had their drivers putting in laps that were equivalent to dry lap times despite it being rain throughout the race. I am hoping thats a one off but doubt that is the case.
  11. I didn't expect any big changes in 2014 and what we did get I am more than happy with. However, wht I didn't expect was to see such a  big advantage handed to one set of players over another. It's bad enough in the dry but in the wet it's impossible to have a fair race making league play very difficult without removing the dynamic weather option completely. There also seems to be a 'slow car bug' issue again. Several in the league I play in have now reported finding this which again is something that needs fixing.
  12. It's also such a shame that the lap time split only gives you the spit over the entire lap once you cross the start finish line. It doesn't even give you the sector split time. It would have been nice to see the lap time delta all around the track like they get in the real world.
  13. Same problem in 50% online race. Qualifying in top 10 but still get the choice of changing to fresh tyres for for the race.  @Hatta‌ this needs to be patched early as its a must have for league racing. 
  14. You need to manage fuel better. Are you running many laps in mix 3? Drop to mix 1 for a while to build up your fuel reserves. Maybe you are taking corners at too low a gear the gearbox is different this year and I'm finding many corners need to be taken a gear or two higher. Adjust your shifting,  maybe you are shifting later than you should be which uses more fuel.  I'm struggling to get the reserves of fuel others seem to get in my league but I never get to the situation you are where your struggling to each the end.
  15. I noticed this same little wheel glitch this morning at the 100 metre make before turn 1 mainly. I think it's also apparent at Monza on the approach to Ascari but need to check again to be sure.  
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