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  1. Hammerpgh62

    Dirt Rally 2 Gamepass - Entitlements

    I was considering buying the game outright after having so much fun with it on Gamepass but there seem to be so many issues with dlc not being available to many that I'm reluctant to shell out the money for something that may still not give me everything out should. I've been in contact with Codemasters and they have responded to say they are working with Microsoft to try to resolve the problem but at the moment have no answer. That last response was about 2 weeks ago!! Doesn't exactly inspire confidence in purchasing it.
  2. Hammerpgh62

    DLC Entitlement FAQ (PS4)

    I've had this same problem on Xbox and contacted Codemasters about it several weeks ago now. They acknowledged my email and replied with a few questions which I've answered and then said it had been escalated. I've not heard anything back from them in a couple of weeks now 👎
  3. Hammerpgh62

    Dirt Rally 2 Gamepass - Entitlements

    So when you did that did it also charge you for them? When I go to the store it lists the cars I need for this event with a price against them even though they are part of what I already have
  4. Hammerpgh62

    Dirt Rally 2 Gamepass - Entitlements

    Many thanks for this. I assumed that was the case but it's still confusing why I can't join a club challenge that had been setup with no dlc included. I'm in touch with customer support so hopefully they will be able to resolve this.
  5. I have the version of Dirt Rally 2 that is currently part of the Xbox Gamepass subscription. Can you let me know whether this is a full version of the game or a cut down version. The reason I ask is that I have been trying to take part in a Rally that has been created in the club I belong to. However whenever I try to access it I get a message telling me that I do not have the Entitlements to do so.. please see screenshot attached. I can take part in custom events of my own using the cars that are part of the club event that I cannot access so I am confused why I am having this problem. Many thanks
  6. Hammerpgh62

    Driving without TC ABS Automatic

    I wouldn't call it cheating as such. Some people genuinely can't play the game without having them on. If people are seriously using them just to move up the rankings then they are just cheating themselves. There should be a filter though, that is just plain sense and any ranking points should be reduced with assist use. Is that not the case already?
  7. Hammerpgh62

    Driving without TC ABS Automatic

    Is there not an option to only race in non-assisted lobbies? It kind of makes sense to me that anyone racing with assists would be faster because they are being assisted . I don't race public lobbies so have no real idea about how they work but would have though you could select no assist only. It's one of the reasons I race in organised events only.
  8. Hammerpgh62

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    In the online league I run the SC rarely comes out. There have been multiple incidents that should have seen it appear but nothing came out. One of the few times it appeared not one of us had a clue why lol. It just needs a slight tweak to bring it out a touch more often.
  9. Hammerpgh62

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    Absolutely agree with this. We have the same problem for the league I run and I was horrified when I saw this added in the patch notes. There needs to be separate options for the two very different situations. I hate the idea of ghosting lapped cars but like you having non-ghosting AI controlled cars can cause havoc! Codies please changed this and allow us to disable or enable the ghosting options individually.
  10. Is it possible to delete a league that you create? I created a test League to look at what this facility entails and what the possibilities were with it for running my league but now I'm done with it there doedn't appear to be any option to delete it. Surely that's something that I should be able to do isn't it, especially when it's empty other then myself. Also, there doesn't seem to be any option to alter the calendar of races once it's created. Again surely this should be possible?
  11. Hammerpgh62

    Codemasters are planning to fix safety car?

    Definitely a problem with the Safety Car, especially in multiplayer races. We have seen plenty of incidents that should warrant a SC but none have appeared. Strangely one did appear at the very start of a race when we were trying to form up for a race after somebody got disconnected and there was no big incident to cause it to come out. On the subject of the AI not getting involved in incidents I have seen several AI incidents so far. The latest was at Spa when Raikkonnen and Hamilton had a major coming together down the Kemmel Straight ending Hamiltons race and eventually Kimi's too.
  12. Hammerpgh62

    Where is the SAFETY CAR?

    Are yours online or offline? This seems mostly to be a problem online.
  13. Hammerpgh62

    Where is the SAFETY CAR?

    The Safety Car feature still seems to be a problem. We didn't see any in our league racing last season with 2018 and this season with 2019 there has still been none despite incidents that would warrant it. Last night for example at Spa (100% distance, no assists, SC on) I ran wide through turn 16 and lost my right-front wheel after contact with the wall on the outside. My car spun right back onto the track and yet nothing from the SC still. If that wasn't enough to bring one out I really don;t know what is.
  14. Hammerpgh62

    It's time for telemetry

    Glad to see that you are getting so much out of this 🙂 A lot of information is stored in the online portal that you can register for from the front screen of the app. The you can get to the information here:- https://rscloud.pocketplayground.net/ You can look at the information at the site or export it to Excel. The graphing information is not available this way though, just the raw race data like lap times, tyre temps, tyre pressures, fuel level, fule usage, gap to leader, etc. From an online race it also provides the lap times of all drivers and gaps for each to the leader.
  15. Hammerpgh62

    It's time for telemetry

    Which app is that. I use rsDash for Android and i'll be sticking with that because of everything it provides but am always happy to check anything else out. Does this provide only live data or does it also provide information that you can check out post session\race?