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  1. Eplehuset

    F1 2015 No Career mode??

    I'm confident that Codemasters have a good reason for not including career mode. That said, career mode was the only mode I played in the previous versions of the game. I've never played as the real drivers nor have I ever tried time trials to beat other people online. I have no interest in playing as Hamilton or whoever. I want to play as myself (with my own created helmet-design + my name on my car and driver suit).
  2. Eplehuset

    F1 community gone quiet

    Cannot blame people for losing interest in the F1-games. To be honest, there have been way too small changes in the game and CM have never listened to the audience. What happened to: * creating your own helmet-design? * having your own name on the driver suit? * having your own name on the car? * manager-mode with your own team (and livery)? * game face? I'm just bying F1 2015 because I need a F1-game for my PS4. Not because I have high hopes for a brilliant game.