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    LMA Manager!

    Hi there, I started thinking about LMA Manager again last night and it reminded me that I never did re join this forum to ask what happened? For starters it appears the LMA section was scrapped long ago? You see i've just joined to ask if anyone knows what happened to that section?, If any of the original members are still around and whether there are plans to bring LMA back that people are aware of? I used to be a member here under the username The Gunners and I used to post updates in the LMA 2007 section. I started as Wolverhampton Wanderers! My thread had reached over 1000 posts and I really enjoyed adding to that thread and receiving all the feedback from everyone. Then I guess I just packed up and left, I think around the time the PS3 came out. I then popped on here probably about 2 years ago and realised the section had gone and that my old account no longer existed or I assume so? It saddened me as all of my content must have got deleted then but this was about 8 years ago now so it's something I just long accepted. For the record I remember members such as Bunjemark, Mufckingud7 and Sam.C and the latter ran the updates section which was so lively at the time. If anyone from that time still browses and see's this then do let me know. Thanks. Edit - Sorry paragraphs don't seem to be showing!!!!