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    F1 2015 Game Ideas and Suggestions

    Two requests, many of the other suggestions I would've had are already here. First and foremost I would love to see codemasters what EA did a decade ago and use car models from different seasons in career mode. A next gen update on the existing models (back to 2009) shouldn't be too difficult and it would make career a much more immersive, real and satisfying experience. Also It would mean cars would be as competitive as they really were, eg. Ferrari 2014 wouldnt be better than Williams over the season as they falsely were in the 2014 edition and in 2013 Merc would be fast but horrible on tyres etc.  Secondly, the AI needs to be far more aggressive when it comes to wheel to wheel racing, a prime example is turn 1 in the Australian grand prix, no matter how slow I am I simply need to stay on the racing line (on any difficulty) and the AI will take the inside line and ALWAYS brake too hard too early and I will retake the position and pull away by 2secs+  this issue needs to be redressed NOW as for PS4 its more than a little slack.