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  1. @gor‌ I would love to play a real sim but i am, however, strictly a console gamer. I'm not really a techie & do not enjoy using a PC for something other than business. I like the convenience of plug & play. Also, i have a good life & if i started playing on a PC I'd probably end up playing WOW & other similar games & my good life would evaporate. Lmao. So until such a time they offer actual sims (probably never) on a console, sim/cade games is about as realistic as i can get.
  2. @dirt3joe‌ I wasn't clear in my comment & didn't mention that how you advised is exactly how i have my controller configured. Throttle & brake is fine but it's shifting with something other than L1/R1 that's tripping me up. I saw the sun come up this morning, however, & got a little better. Lol. I tried leaving the shifters alone & just moving the throttle/brake to the 2's but i found it awkward & uncomfortable. So i just ran a bunch of laps on automatic until throttle/brake was muscle memory & added square & X as shift up & down. I'm getting there but will be awhile until i don't have to consciously think about the controller. Until then laps, laps, laps. I made a huge mistake by going from touring car to endurance. I'm already committed to a race i don't wanna lose so right now it's all about gaining throttle sensitivity in my dinner instead of my thumb & learning how to manage tires in this particular game. They fall off fast after about 5 minutes. I appreciate the advice tho & I'm glad i found this forum. It's awesome.
  3. I'm obviously a few months late to the conversation but yes this game is hard. I've been playing racing sims since a game called Duel for super nintendo. Thatwasthe 1 1st game I'm aware of that offered manual transmission as an option cuz super nintendo were the 1st controllers with an L & R button. Anyhow, as the controllers have evolved I've always kept that base configuration of X as throttle square as brake, shift up & down on L1 & R1. I have never came across a racing game of any kind that i couldn't master with that setup until autosport. It's impossible to corner in a rear wheel drive. I have a good steering wheel but I'm too lazy to use it. So, after 20+ years of gaming with same configuration I'm having to relearn how to drive. Grid & grid 2 have me no problems whatsoever & the only driver aid i ever use is anti lock & flashback. Trying to drive now, for me, is like someone changing thehometyrow keys on your keyboard & expecting you to know how to type. Reallyfrustratingafter really enjoying the 1 1st two grids & dirts & most codie games. Btw, don't know what's up with this forum but sorry about all the typos. It's adding letters & taking out spaces & it won't let me correct them.