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  1. Marky264

    Advice on T-GT (PS4) Setup

    Right I see, If that's the case shouldn't the hands on screen match my inputs on the Steering Wheel Itself? For example I'm turning large 90 Degree's and It's hardly turning on the Hands/Wheel in game and then I try to correct a slide I Just spin because not enough Input is being detected? Calibration is all done and on Full Lock at 1080 Degree's as setup as standard. But my presumption was that Soft Lock automatically changes per car so I don't need to fiddle around with changing the MODE Setting on the Base it self? It's also set to 100% Saturation & Calibrated correctly lock to lock. The Legacy on 720 Degree's Mode still feels over saturated and again doesn't match the Wheel Hands/Input in game for example...
  2. Marky264

    Advice on T-GT (PS4) Setup

    Hi All! With the Flat Out Pack out today I'm back on Dirt Rally 2.0 after a long hiatus! Typical fashion I've forgotten everything and how to set the wheel up. Essentially I'm on PS4 running a Thrustmaster T-GT (In Other Mode Selected) Wheel is Calibrated at 1080 as Standard. My understanding is that when Soft Lock is Enabled It's meant to match the Rotation of the Car which is seems to work perfectly with Cars like the Skoda Fabia & The New Subaru Impreza S4 etc, However on the older cars like the Ford Sierra & Subaru Legacy VW Golf etc the Rotation's arn't automatically rotating with the hands on screen? Meaning It looks like It's stuck on 1080... Is there something I'm not doing correctly? I have Calibrated the Wheel & Clicked X on It once the Tick comes up which I've seen Scaff's Video's on YouTube around this... When I remember back to the Original Dirt Rally I could Just stick Soft Lock all day and not worry about changing or messing around with anything but if anyone can help me set It up properly (Easiest method possible) I'd really appreciate it! Many Thanks in advance for any replies!