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  1. hello everyone As a person i fell in love with racing games through codemasters f1 games, although F1 is interesting and  love it, i would love to see more sim racers for consoles from codemaster just to have the option to play different sims than just F1. Can we expect more sims from Codemasters like DTM, 24 hour race Championship, Nascar? i dont know if its feasible because i know licenses cost money which could be an obstacle but is there a possibility to see more racers than F1?
  2. mytilinioz

    any news about f1 2015?

    i dont know if this post exists already, i couldnt find it though, but do we have any news about the game?? estimates of first gameplay sessions, videos or estimated release date?. i looked and all i could find suggestion posts and vids :S is it possible that there is not enough information about the actual seasson therefore CM cannot design the cars to show how the game plays ?
  3. mytilinioz

    F1 community gone quiet

     Niblips, honestly i dont think that CM will neglect f1 2015 as they did with previous titles. and this based on how much they emphasized on not caring about f1 2014 just to work on 2015, not a strong argument i know it is just a feeling. might be fooled but i quess we will se when they finally release the game, or at least announce the game and start to advertizing the game a bit so that we can see gameplay footage, and the praizing of new included mechanics.
  4. mytilinioz

    F1 community gone quiet

    (History) before i say my opinion i want you folks to know that i returned to the f1 games from Cm during the release of f1 2013, i had f1 2011, i bought it for 4 pounds second hand and i loved it, 2012 was not really interesting because i did not have offline multiplayer which was the main reason for buying a racing game, 2013 had many improvements ( at least that was my feeling) in terms of driving, realism, competition, and difficulty, honestly 2013 nearly caused me to destroy my controllers :PP i also liked the idea of career mode, (comming from the bottom now we here) the classical content was also interesting although it was an unfinished idea in my opinion. either you have everything in order to simulate an 1970 championship or you dont give us nothing. (Critic) 2014 was even better, but with 2014 i also started to realise the flaws of this franchise, scripted tyre wear, scripted A,I behaviour etc. owww and defo 2014 was not worth full price. i think CM is doing a great job and i understand that licensing can be a b****h (Sorry), but online servers where bad overall, (unacceptable) same bugs in 2013, 2014, (unnacceptable), what i desire most is the return of offline multiplayer championships,  and more support towards the community. but i also desire the community to become more understandable,  i remember in 2014 people complaint about the martini logo on the william cars, f1 is more like FIFA rather than the GT franshise,  year after year things like tracks will remain the same so we cant really complain about tracks are getting boring, i doubt we would like it if they would give us some fantasy tracks (unless they would give us a track editor :wink:  ) no doubt that codemasters has become stale in terms of innovating within a stale championship but honestly i prefer a cm f1 game rather than an EA sports f1 game, who ever was a gamer during the ps1 era will remember what i mean.