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  1. dang, I just purchased my 2nd copy for a 2nd machine last week and hadn't noticed/been up to date w/all of this DLC and stuff. :'(  now I have 1 PC where it works and other where it doesnt.
  2. Amazon is really great when working with customers. However on some thing like this IDK what they will do. This is really a bummer, I don't understand how this is not getting fixed a.s.a.p. I just purchased a 2nd copy from Steam and I can't use it because the machine is running Win8.1. I will try some recommended fixes from support later today but if that doesn't help it will be a problem I may need dive into further. So sad, such a GREAT game and this issue comes up. Seriously people, plan ahead.
  3. Early access should not have to pay because we're generally testers. Once the game is ready for full production then those testers should receive a discounted price to buy the full game. I myself am dying to find good games like Dirt 3 to play on LAN (LAN parties) with others with out the need of internet access. Cheers.
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