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  1. OK, bit of a strange request. I'm designing this, a high performance FMR (front-mid engined, rear wheel drive) Ford, and would like some suggestions for a name! Bear in mind its supposed to be all electric (i'd prefer a straight-6 in it), so something that references its green credentials, but with a bit of heritage? Its obviously not finished yet, but here's an photoshop render and a very rough CAD model to get an idea of what it looks like:
  2. On a forum full of car/automotive/motorsport enthusiasts, are any of you budding designers or artists? For me, Car design is the perfect mix of my passion (cars) and skillset (drawing/sketching). Studying Automotive design at Uni, hope to be in full time employment in the future. Here's a link to some of my designs: garyjpaterson.deviantart.com
  3. garyjpaterson

    Steam Patch?

    Got an update a while ago, but no patch notes? Hate not knowing whats been updated. Any news on the rear view mirror?
  4. In particular, how much degrees of rotation is accepted as the norm? I've got it at 180, as it matches the in-game wheel, it only does a half turn lock to lock, but i've read a lot of people putting 220-300, which seems a lot more than in-game. For force feedback, i have overall effects at 100% and everything else 0% in the Logitech Profiler. In-game i have environment at 10% as anything more has the wheel shaking over the kerbs. Any advice would be welcome!
  5. If you look in the file called "hardware_settings_ratings", you see it has different settings for various CPU and GPU architecture, including the most recent Haswell CPUs. However, it has settings for Intels upcoming Broadwell CPUs, which are not due for release until late this year. I don't actually know what any of this means but its fun nevertheless. See here: 
  6. garyjpaterson

    What is the 'Tilt' option?

    Can't remember where i saw it, but somewhere in the menus there is an option called 'Tilt' or something. I think it was disabled and i possibly enabled it, but i haven't noticed anything new. Anyone know what it does?
  7. Just curious to know what AI difficulty most people are using, or if you switch between races? I went for hard, not because i'm a quick driver but because i want to become quicker. I decided i didnt want to win every race easily, i wanted to have to push to win. So far, Hard mode seems like a good fit for me, since i can win if i race well, but still lose a fair amount.
  8. There's been a few times where ive been mashing buttons to skip the loading information and accidentally starting the race, when i would have liked to qualify first, and/or practice and tune the car. I think there should be an option to reverse the order of the 4 buttons (race, qualify, practice and tuning), and that would completely solve the problem, and imo be more intuitive in the first place. This would probably be a very quick and easy fix, so i dont really think there's much of an excuse not to do so. And if possible, it could be made an option so you can choose which order the buttons are in. Let me know of this is a good idea or not.
  9. garyjpaterson

    Pre-Ordering from this site..?

    Just had a quick Google shopping search for Autosport prices and this site came up cheapest. Anyone had any experience with them, and if they are reliable/legit? Going for £18 instead of £30.
  10. garyjpaterson

    Designers/Artists show off your work!

    Sorry to post in an old thread, but i had to show off my new baby, let me know what you think! I'm not really aiming to be a modeller, preferring doing the sketching and design side, but i really am happy with how it turned out! If you're interested, check out my portfolio: http://bit.ly/garypaterson Quick walkaround video: https://youtu.be/kNX6KbAvMOc
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    Designers/Artists show off your work!

    Epic stuff man, really impressive! Tried checking out your link, but i'm getting a 404 error.
  12. garyjpaterson

    Designers/Artists show off your work!

    Heres a few new ones, pretty happy with the way they turned out :smiley:  Let me know what you think!
  13. garyjpaterson

    DiRT Rally - Out Now

    Will be buying soon, but this couldn't come at a worse time for me  :s Got to finish my Uni major project first! Looks like in a few weeks i'll have a lot of gaming to do, this, GTAV, Project Cars and you can never have enough Assetto Corsa. Also D3! Now that the devil has been removed from it...
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    DiRT 3 Complete Edition Patch 2-4-15

    https://steamdb.info/app/321040/history/ Some changes a few hours ago, so we may see an update soon.
  15. garyjpaterson

    DiRT 3 Complete Edition Patch 2-4-15

    I know I definitely would. I seriously have no idea how a game company that specialises in producing driving games fails to check whether using the preferred peripheral works with one of their flagship products before releasing to the wild! "It's just going through QA", Really? That was 2 months before release, and not once in that time someone thought to plug in a wheel? Or maybe they did, which is even worse, releasing a dysfunctional product knowingly, despite apparently been 'worked on' for a year. It boggles the mind. Its a shame, Codies games have so much potential, I want to see them succeed, but they're not doing themselves any favours.
  16. garyjpaterson

    DiRT 3 Complete Edition Patch 2-4-15

    It really does seem odd that every single person with a FFB wheel is experiencing this, quite frankly game breaking bug, yet the many months of QA didn't pick up on this. (2 months ago it was apparently in QA) I really thought that after a whole year of working on removing GFWL, a seemingly simple task for any other developer, that this would be the best, most polished goddamn patch for any game ever. Apparently not. :/
  17. The same happens to me too, only I have a Formula Force EX Gutted, after all this time, seems theyv'e managed to introduce some issues. Any idea how to fix this @justbiglee ? Just some info, i've tried with Vsync on and off, since i know that can cause issues with Codemasters FFB, but that doesn't help. Checked D2, and right enough it works beautifully, so definitely an issue with D3, on my wheel. :/ Bit of a letdown tbh.
  18. Just tried it, and my G27 is pulling to the right constantly! This didn't happen with the old version, any ideas ho to fix it?
  19. garyjpaterson

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Spotted this on the D3 Steam forums, no idea if its legit or not. Nvidia SLI profile for DiRT4 http://steamcommunity.com/app/44320/discussions/0/618457398975477368/
  20. garyjpaterson

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    I suspect the way it'll work is when you activate the key with Steam, it'll automatically upgrade to the Complete Edition upon download. Same for everyone else who already has it on Steam.
  21. garyjpaterson

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Well do you have a boxed version or not? If so, the key should be in the box.
  22. garyjpaterson

    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    THIS should be an unlockable/secret car! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Piy-uDrT0-Q
  23. garyjpaterson

    Designers/Artists show off your work!

    Tried to go for more of a marker rendering look for this one. http://garyjpaterson.deviantart.com/art/Photoshop-Practice-Shooting-Brake-496717971
  24. garyjpaterson

    The PC Thread

    Cheers. Yeah i really want to find out what actually goes there, i assume it must e something to do with sagging. Just seems odd that theres 3 holes, surely one or two would work, must be something very specific that goes there.