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  1. Use the horsepower that comes from doing a next gen game to improve gameplay, physics, graphics and features and if there are bugs for them to patch them as soon as they can. Thats what i expect to be honest
  2. Well i expect F1 2015 to be on a new Engine, so maybe, just maybe it might be a new game not a re-skinned, re-sounded version of last years F1 game.
  3. I've heard conflicting stories about Project CARS, from people who funded the Kickstarter campaign say the last build was so riddled of bugs that they don't think they will be ironed out for release. Also i've heard that the AI are terrible. I'll get both games anyway but if this next installment of F1 doesn't impress i doubt i would buy another F1 game.
  4. Can anyone here think of ideas or things that will be implemented in the F1 2015 release? I've made a video if you're interested on seeing what i think should or could be implemented. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r10MLCWAu1Q
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