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  1. You have to keep in mind that the game has only so much memory you would need a new game to fit all that in Well of course, but this is just a list of the cars that'd be cool to see in the game, not all of them of course, but any from this list.
  2. And I know, once we get past 2000 it's hard to call those cars "classics" as they're so recent, but they're just cars I'd want to drive. 
  3. In a perfect world, void of contracts and trademarks and all that boring stuff, here's my list of classic cars that I'd want. Maserati 250fLotus 25Lotus 49Tyrell 034Tyrell 006Brabham bt46bMcLaren M23Lotus 79Brabham b50Toleman tg184Williams FW11McLaren mp4-4McLaren mp4-5Ferrari 641McLaren mp4-5BFerrari 643McLaren mp4-6Jordan 191McLaren mp4-7Williams FW 15Benetton B194Williams FW 16Benetton B195McLaren mp4-13Ferrari f2002Williams FW 25Ferrari f2004BAR 006Renault r25McLaren mp4-20BMW Sauber F1 07McLaren mp4-22Ferrari f2007McLaren mp4-23Ferrari f2008Brawn GP 001
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