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    F1 2015 Game Ideas and Suggestions

    1) In our private Multiplayer Sessions, we had lots of problems with disconnections in F!-2013. There should be the possiblity, that the KI takes control of a car, when the host detects a disconnection. The player can try to reconnect to the game. And than takes back the control from KI. For example by hitting a button at any time, after he reconnectet and placed in spectator mode in his KI-driven car. 2) To make it easier for a group of people to make a complete Multiplayer Season, there should be a possiblilty to create such seasons by the players. For example let one of the guys assign all the other steam-accounts to a car. And for the next race one of the guys can just invite all the others by one click. And they will automatically assign to there previous choosen car. And the next race track of the season will also automatically choosen. 3) Maybe there could be up to 3 or 5 saves for these Multiplayer Seasons. So that if for example are problems during a race and the guys want to retry the race, they can start after qualifieing. And not have to redo this. Or give us the possiblity to manually assign the starting positions. I do not know, where these saves could be stored for all the guys. If on the PCs of the drivers, the could synchroniced by steam. If one of the guys could not make it to the race, the save could later synchroniced by steam to him also. 4) I would really love to have an editor for nearly all. So that I can customize as many thinks as possible. For example take a chassis from a team and paint it new. So that I can add additional teams to a race or career. Also the possibility to add new drivers. Customize different Skills of these teams and drivers. There should be no problems with licenses here, because the players can create names for teams and drivers by themselves. Have so maybe up to 40 Cars for one race. (Hope, it is possible to add so many starting positions to the different tracks.) Also customize the points per race. Add additional tracks like the old ones in F!-2013 and the players can choose by themselves which tracks they will use for there custom seasons. 5) I had always problems in 2013 with wet conditions. My mates too. I lost 3 or more seconds per round to the KI. In dry conditions I am on a same level. Please fix this, because it is annoying. Or give the players the possibility to choose different KI-Strentgh for dry and wet conditions. Or/And to choose for a career to only drive on dry conditions. I would be sooo grateful.