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  1. This feature has nothing to do with servers. All is being recorded locally
  2. D4rio

    Idea for new qualifying format

    I'm afraid 6 minutes wouldn't be enough to complete 2 quali attempts, especially on long tracks such as Spa and Abu dhabi
  3. D4rio

    Classic Tracks

    Please allow me to correct you
  4. D4rio

    MFD shortcut Delay F1 2018 & F1 2019

    I believe when drivers ask for more power, they're asking their race engineers to be able to use higher PU maps. If the eng gives the go-ahead, then the driver can switch to that mode. But the point is, the driver has still to act on the wheel on his own, there is no way engine mappings are being directly issued from the box, afaik. This used to be like this many seasons ago.
  5. D4rio

    F1 2026 sin sonido en carrera

    What do you mean precisely? exit from where?
  6. D4rio

    Cockpit View - F1 2019

    Does your wheel software allow binding to keyboard buttons? If so, try to bind a button to the ESC key
  7. D4rio

    F1 2020 - Things to make the game better

    If they can't afford other tracks licenses, why not include some non-tier 1 tracks (like, for example, Vallelunga in Assetto Corsa)? Even better, they could add some fantasy tracks designed by themselves. It would greatly improve the game's longevity at 0 license costs.
  8. D4rio

    MFD shortcut Delay F1 2018 & F1 2019

    Lol I've never noticed that, thanks for pointing that out
  9. D4rio

    MFD shortcut Delay F1 2018 & F1 2019

    I don't think there is a way to upvote a thread in this forum, what we can do is keep it active for as long as possible. Meanwhile, can you change the title to include F1 2019, to make it more relevant?
  10. D4rio

    MFD shortcut Delay F1 2018 & F1 2019

    I can confirm this happens on both F1 2018 and 2019. I'm on xbox360 gamepad. I've bound RB and LB to ERS management and I have this annoying delay too.
  11. D4rio

    Cockpit View - F1 2019

    Are you playing with the keyboard? I Can't say for sure because I'm a pad player, but the ESC key should work. Does the shift+tab combination work? (it should bring up the Steam overlay)
  12. D4rio

    Cockpit View - F1 2019

    This might very well be a bug. Try to change the view with the assigned button, not by using the graphics menu
  13. D4rio

    No mouse support?

    To be fair, there are a lot of games that don't make use of the mouse. This is because developers want to maintain UI consistency between PC and consoles. But I agree with you, it's annoying af.
  14. I never had such a problem with blue flags, normally they start to appear when the car ahead is approaching the lapped car (within few tenths). Probably that may be caused by lag issues. I do have noticed the proximity arrows problem though, they appear way too soon.