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  1. Multiplayer is still far from being perfect, but it is playable and way more stable than how it was in 2018. The most common problems that are still there are infinite "waiting for players" message (without any possibility to quit it if not by pressing ALT+F4 or disconnecting from internet), lack of ranked lobbies, can't filter unranked rooms by specific game settings (like assists, race length, etc...), very rare disconnections that can happen at the end of a session.
  2. I'm struggling to see the point in this request. Why should CM disable it in online lobbies?
  3. I agree with you, corner-cutting shouldn't be too harsh on the player's ranking. I think it could be toned down a little bit. Time penalties in-race should stay as they are, obviously.
  4. I noticed that when this happens and you release the throttle consequently you are less likely to receive a penalty, pretty much like IRL where if a driver gains a somewhat advantage by cutting a corner he has to slow down to neuter the advantage.
  5. Actually they've been actively cancelling lap times during free practices and quails in the last three races. If this does not count as strict monitoring I really don't know what else could. Also they cancel regardless if there is a gain in terms of time or not. If the sensors go off the lap time is automatically invalidated.
  6. Of course it does happen in such corners, it wouldn't make any sense otherwise
  7. I'm not 100% sure I understood you correctly, but the FIA releases an official statement prior the race week start with a list of the monitored corners (and how the limits apply). Whether they decide it with the drivers or not is irrelevant I guess.
  8. Thanks to @Akkan74 for responding on my behalf. I repeat once again: I never said I play 5 laps only nor I never participated in an online league, yet this guy keeps telling me I have 0 experience and whatever... at this point I think there is no space for discussion anymore.
  9. I feel you're talking about me, the funny thing is I never said I race 5 laps races only... But this is beyond the problem anyway: racing for 5, 20, 30 laps makes no difference at all. If you get penalties because you get tired after more than 10 laps, maybe 50% races are not exactly your thing....
  10. Exactly: anyone can easily go faster if there were no limits. Limits are not being used to hinder the driver, rather to ensure the driver doesn't push too much, gaining an unfair advantage over the others.
  11. My opinion is: I'm ok with the penalty system, but the track limits could be adjusted to the real ones. This can lead to a little bit of confusion initially (am I allowed to go over the kerb or the white line in turn X?) but this would make the game more realistic. I don't play in any league, only ranked by the way (with strict limits).
  12. I thought we were talking about track limits, not how they are defined. If we're talking about the latter then yes, real Formula 1 can declare the kerbs as the real track limits, wether in the game the track limits is always the white line. I think Codemaster can adjust those limits accordingly with those stated by the FIA.
  13. They've chosen to stick to this terminology for legacy reasons, presumably. Real Formula 1 does apply a similar corner stringency rule for the 2020 season, the only difference being they apply it only on corners where cutting can give a clear advantage (see my note in my earlier post).
  14. Yes I do, but these two staments makes me wonder if you did watch the first three races of this season... Lots of laptimes have been canceled during free practice and qualify, also if I recall correctly a driver got a white&black flag in Austria/Styria for track limits (Grosjean maybe?) I repeat, track limits are a thing and as rules should be followed accordingly. Edit: I want to add a side note: in real Formula 1 not all apexes are being monitored, only those where an advantage can be gained when cutting. This is to alleviate the costs of installing pointless sensors a
  15. Why shouldn't I? Track limits are a thing even in real Formula 1 (they actually copied the penalty system used in the game for this year's regulations)
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