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  1. I don't know why my posts with multiple quotes come out like that but the problem is I can't click on the edit button and I don't know how to fix that ūüėě
  2. That's right the game I mentioned was most likely an FPS. But doesn't change anything. FPSes need different maps and overall content between MP and SP, racing games do not. So this is a nonproblem for me. Your idea is way worse than mine both on the programming and marketing side. What I'm trying to do is looking for solutions that tend to avoid all of that. Luckily, there is a software called Steam that can take care of all of that. I don't see where this could be a problem for CM. You can refund a game before 2 hrs of playtime, it's more than enough to understand if the buyer made a mistake or not. This would be a "cure worse than the disease" situation. Sorry, but it makes no sense to me. I think you know that "a couple of laps" does not strictly mean 2 laps... did I really have to specify that? Come on...
  3. I wrote in my previous post why all this is not really necessary
  4. D4rio

    TC bogs the car too much

    Playing without TC requires more effort by the player. And the fact that to learn to drive without it is not that hard unless you're on the keyboard makes it even less sense to complain about it. You don't want to put that little more effort required, you get penalized. It's as simple as that.
  5. I'm sorry but my previous post is all messed up and can't edit it anymore
  6. First of all, Thank you for your time. The idea is to develop a single game like they already do, just with an added modularity. It would take very little effort programming-wise in my opinion. (A pretty easy solution would be to disable menu buttons and prevent the download of unnecessary game files and you're done). Making a differentiation between "premium" and "cheaper" is the wrong concept, to begin with. Do you want a full game? Buy both parts. Do you want to play what you like? Buy the version that suits your tastes. There is no "premium" way of thinking here... also I'm not sure marketing would turn this idea down so easily because of that. What about experienced players like me who don't need to practice with AI first? I'm not saying I'm the best player of the world, to be clear. All I need is a couple of laps in trial mode to get acquainted with the physics and handling each time a new title comes out. Again, time trial is more than enough. Tire deg and fuel loads can be easily learned on track, no need to play a whole career for that. I can't remember its name but there was a fairly famous game that was sold in 2 versions, either full or multiplayer only. So this is nothing new, it has been done in the past and can be feasible and profitable on a marketing point of view.
  7. Hi all, I want to get straight to the point: I don't ever play career on any F1 game. For me, it's just wasted disk space (and money, see below). The only thing I buy this game for is multiplayer. Hence I came up with this idea: why don't CM just sell two different, standalone versions of the game? One for singleplayer and one for multiplayer only. The base game would be the same, only with different features. So you can eventually buy both versions to obtain a full game like F1 2019 currently is. I think this would greatly improve both the users experience and the sales figures because people would pay less to play whatever they actually want. A good prices division imho would be like 40$ - Single player and 20$ - multiplayer (or maybe 35-25, but that is not my duty to figure it out). This is just a thought and I'm wondering if there are more people like me who think this might be a good idea.
  8. D4rio

    Groove Tires shadow bug

    Are you on PC?
  9. D4rio

    F1 2020 - Things to make the game better

    Game engine is a different thing. You're talking about the codebase
  10. D4rio

    Would you like the F3?

    I didn't care about F2 in the current game one bit, so my answer is simple.
  11. D4rio

    Engine rev limiter

    Uhmm not really, in F1 2019 the rev limiter kicks in when the indicator is on purple. In real F1, I'm not sure as it can vary from team to team. But the point is the rev limiter does exist in the game and it's not possible to push the revs beyond that limit. Unless you're cheating, obviously
  12. My idea is simple: either add the option to save the full race replay or significantly extend the length of each scene. Most of the time each chunk of the replay ends too early, with lots of action still to see.
  13. D4rio

    Problema audio dialoghi F1 2019 Steam

    (in questo forum si parla solo in inglese, rischi che venga chiuso il topic) Ciao, hai provato ad eseguire il gioco su una diversa versione di directx? Ogni volta che avvii il gioco dalla libreria ti dà la possibilità di scegliere. Hi, have you already tried running the game on a different directx version? There is a prompt every time you run the game directly from Steam's library.
  14. D4rio

    Engine mod MAX

    The MAX mode is somewhat equivalent to the "party mode" button real teams use during qualify. So I don't think this function should be used in race, rich mix is more than enough IMHO since you already can't run the whole race in that mode.