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  1. I finally fixed it. So the problem in my case was a 32bit dll placed inside the windows\system32 folder (which should contain 64bit files only). The file name is not important since it may differ from case to case (but if you really want to know it was d3dcompiler_43.dll). I used Dependency Walker to find out this problem, it's a very simple and free utility. These are the steps to follow: -Download Dependency Walker from here: http://www.dependencywalker.com/ -From D.W. hit open-> F1_2015.exe (locate it inside your installation folder) -If the error message "Error: Modules with diff
  2. i got the same exact problem with F1 2015. Error 0xc000007b It happened all of a sudden, the game worked "fine" for a year. I don't know what might have changed on my system but i tried everything i could. Followed every single guide on the internet i found but nothing. The only option i got left is a full format, but i'm not going to do something like that because one game (out of all the others i have installed, F1 2013 included) refuses to run. PS: This problem is not related to Steam in any way
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