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  1. Look,I had the same promblem as well,suddenly my pc wanted to check the hard drive.Once it finished i went to the game and it was working perfect.
  2. You can only change it when you are in time trial.
  3. Hello everybody!.A week ago i downloaded a mod for f1 2014.It was called 2015 season data pack v.2.2.1 and i just ..raced mclaren mp4-29.but the car intro signed mclaren HONDA,  still.. loks like the mclaren  skin is corrupt now and all i c is garbage ,instead of what used to be the ads layer , over the skin. Any ideas how2revert2  the ORIGINAL mclaren skin??? Any help would be much appreciated!
  4. Do you want to do a co-op season with me?
  5. Are you using xbox 360 as well?
  6. I am using pc.Can we do it together?
  7. Does anyone want to do an f1 coop season with me?{PC} If you want to just comment Country:Greece City:Athens
  8. Also,have you guys ever seen a mod which makes the AI more agressive?I really need that
  9. Oh,and i've seen a mod which says that it brings the KERS back in the game.Guess it's not right.
  10. But why did codemasters make the KERS automatic in f1 2014?
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