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  1. Hello guys and girls, Here is a Max Verstappen Mod v2.0 for the game F1 2014.  I hope you like it as much as i do cos i am a huge fan and can´t wait until he will win his first race in 2015 :-) Max Verstappen Mod v2.0 replaces/updates/adds: general: The mod in general replaces the driver Daniil Kvyat with Max Verstappen livery: Daniil Kvyat´s livery is updated with Max Verstappen name and number 38. garage: Daniil Kvyat´s garage is updated with number 38. character: Daniil Kvyat´s images and helmet images replaced with Max Verstappen images. helmet: Daniil Kvyat´s helmet is replaced by a fictional Max Verstappen helmet. clothes: Daniil Kvyat´s clothes are updated with Max Verstappen names and Dutch flag. menu/game images: All Daniil Kvyat´s images are replaced with Max Verstappen images. ingame text/names: All Danill Kvyat´s names and abbreviations are replaced with Max Verstappen names/abbreviations in menu, race results etc. career helmet: Fictional Max Verstappen career helmet with new image added (career helmet #38 is replaced) language: The mod is available in all 8 original languages that in the game exist. other: dutch flag next to name Max Verstappen in race results etc. More info and Installation guide can be found inside the download which you can find on my website: http://www.rallygamer.com/f12014/mods/max-verstappen-mod.html
  2. is it me or am i not looking good enough cos i could swear the custom livery & mod thread was sticky yesterday and it was since a few weeks. Now it is not and to top that i think it is completely gone from the forum.....why Codemasters.
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    Colin McRae 1968-2007

    It's been seven years today, seven sad years...I hope we can get a glimpse of him in DiRT4.
  4. He guys and girls, this thread/discussion is all about customizations, either it is a car, track or whatever you wanne modify in the game.  I already released two new custom liveries which you can use in the game. I made both for GRID2 but as they are one of the most downloaded cars from my GRID2 section i also released them for GRID Autosport. More new custom liveries will arrive as soon as there is a PSSG pack/unpack tool released. You can download my custom liveries here: http://www.rallygamer.com/gridautosport/liveries/page1.html For those who wanne use my liveries with the high settings simply rename the files from low to high and place them in the correct high folder. The PSSG tool is available for download here (tool with manual is released on July 1st 2014): http://www.rallygamer.com/gridautosport/tools/texture-design-tools.html To give you a head start i already listed the full car names with their shortcut folder name so you know which car is in which folder when you decide to customize a car livery yourself, you can find the list here: http://www.rallygamer.com/gridautosport/tools/texture-design-tools.html Here are some screenshot of the first 2 custom liveries in the game:
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    GRID & GRID2 Videos

  6. He guys and girls, glad the forum is back, well done Codemasters !! Well to start of this thread/discussion and to celebrate the new forum i made a new custom livery for the DiRT3 game. Car: Subaru Impreza WRX STI SRT USA Livery: SRT USA 4x Rally America National Championship titles car Driver & codriver: David Higgins & Craig Crew Rally: Olympus Rally 2012 You can download the livery here: http://www.rallygamer.com/dirt3/liveries/page8.html More custom liveries, mods, tools, hints and links can be found here: http://www.rallygamer.com Screenshot: Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWH4NsIpf0Y
  7. not at that time  ;)
  8. Look what i found under the tree ;-) You can download the custom liveries here: http://www.rallygamer.com/dirt3/liveries/page8.html Mini Countryman Van Loon Racing Baja Aragon 2014 Peugeot 207 S2000 GTi (208 GTi 30th Anniversary Look-a-like)
  9. @justbiglee thanks. Hey rally fans here is a new addition for the game... Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 Pepsi Raul Santana You can download the custom livery here: http://www.rallygamer.com/dirt3/liveries/page8.html
  10. Christmas came early :-) with 2 brand new liveries for the game DiRT3 You can download the custom liveries here: http://www.rallygamer.com/dirt3/liveries/page8.html Ford Escort Cosworth - Marlboro/7up - Jose maria Ponce - El Corte Ingles 1994 Subaru Perrin Gymkhana Street Legal
  11. @loore hello Loore i was wondering why this thread ended up in the Technical Assistance :-(
  12. oh btw for those who seak mods and skins for F1 2014 go here for some awesome 200+ custom made skins, mods, tools etc.  http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/categories/f1-2014.38/
  13. Made a major update on the mod, the new details are in the first post.
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    DiRT 2 Ravenwests

    Unlock the DiRT 2 Colin McRae No Fear Gold Livery for Subaru Impreza N12. You need to have a DiRT save game on your computer, stored in the default install folder to unlock this livery for the Subaru Impreza N12. You do not need the game for this only a save game. Unlock happens after you win an event. You do not need the Demo/Full game for this only a save game. The default install folder can vary with different Operation Systems.
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    DiRT 2 Ravenwests

    Unlock the DiRT 2 Overlord Minion Toy for your dashboard. You need to have a Overlord II save game on your computer, stored in the default install folder to unlock this Overlord Minion Toy for your dashboard. You do not need the game for this only a save game. Unlock happens after you win an event. You do not need the Demo/Full game for this only a save game The default install folder can vary with different Operation Systems.
  16. hoonhead

    DiRT 2 Ravenwests

    Unlock the DiRT 2 Ravenwest Livery for Subaru Impreza N12. You need to have a GRID save game on your computer, stored in the default install folder to unlock this livery for the Subaru Impreza N12. You do not need the game for this only a save game. Unlock happens after you win an event. You do not need the Demo/Full game for this only a save game The default install folder can vary with different Operation Systems.
  17. For those who are looking for more custom liveries and mods here is a link: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/categories/grid-autosport.42/
  18. it looks okay now, it was gone and moved to page 7 as a regular thread, now it is sticky again, thanks again Loore.
  19. aha it is back thanks Loore, lets call that a Codemasters bug :-)
  20. Nice Codemasters, made the thread non sticky....
  21. edit, sorry wrong thread, oops
  22. I don't know what is wrong with Codemasters lately. Don't get me wrong i like the games they make (see my website, i am a dedicaded fan) and have no issues with bugs etc because i rarely play online due to rammers and cheaters etc. but a few years back Codemasters made a change and went all in for race games. I think if you are a race game oriented game company you cannot deliver a game that has no decent rear view mirrors or decent cockpit view.  I know they probably will make a huge comeback with the upcoming F1 2015 Next gen game and with the upcoming DiRT4 next gen game but a car race game is more then just looking pretty. What i miss the most is the true motorsport feeling. I'd rather have a less good looking game but a true motorsport feeling then the other way around. Codemasters advertises with people that are working in skyscrapers in the background of the tracks.......uhhhh.....very cool but i am racing, i don't look at them and i actually don't care, i'd rather see details like that in my cockpit or on the road where it matters if it comes to true motorsport. Here are some of my pros and cons for GRID Autosport: Pros: - the game looks very good as they always do with Codemasters, 10+ - car handling is very good, especially the formula c is awesome, 10+ - nice tracks and cars, 8+ Cons: - still have to press to many times OK to get where i wanne be, racing - Still to many loading screens - if you choose a car  it takes to long to load the car in the preview menu and also if you wanne look at the car i wanne change the angle with my controller so i can see the car from every angle. This is also handy when you wanne create a screenshot. (all of this in the menu select area) - in custom races my teammate is always, always driving on the first spot so i always have to race him to win the events, this is annoying and not realistic unless your name is Vettel or Hamilton :-) - The ai is way to aggressive, in real life there would be a lot off black flags. - those team liveries (intel, kicker etc) i have seen them by now, not sure about this but since DiRT2 the same brands over and over again, it gets boring and that is where the true motorsport feeling comes in. Because of these liveries (i understand why Codemasters uses them btw) and the lack of true real life liveries i miss the true motorsport feeling (think of F1 games vs GRID/DiRT games). I think having a true motorsport feeling is essential for a race game. - not having a cockpit view or rear view mirrors......what is a race game company thinking......ahh only 5% uses the cockpit view.....a race car game with race cars NEED rear view  mirrors and a awesome looking cockpit just because it is a part of the car. Cutting corners on things like this, for whatever reason, is a no go for a company like Codemasters.  - The menu should be different, if you are in the menu you should be able to see in one go what is choosen (car, track) so you don't have to go to the track selection to see what is randomly chosen this time. - as a modder i have an issue with the lack of editing the game, with every game it gets harder to edit the game. I understand why maybe game developers don't want you to do it but to build up a large community that actually can improve the game is always a good thing. Look at Assetto Corsa, the game is not yet released in full state and already a ton of awesome liveries and mods are made by the community. You can really see a good vibe between the game builders and the community. The game also last longer wich can be good for sale for the game company. Codemasters GRID2 game had a very short lifetime, so they made GRID Autosport to fix that but i doubt it had the outcome Codemasters expected. - dlc....i like dlc if it were actually dlc, Codemasters just charges you for something that often is already in the game and was done at the release of the game. I can know cos as a modder i always sift thru the files and then come across files that later turn out to be dlc. Another example, many years back you had game in which you can change the body kit of every  car in any way you liked for free, nowadays if you want a gt3 version you have to buy the dlc and then you get an extra wing with some extra bhp. - the lack of the possibility to edit the dlc cars safely although there is a very easy solution for it. Protect the 3D and other files like they do know but but the liveries in the cars map like all the others. -  i guess i forgot a few things.... :-) Anyway i will keep on buying their games but i recently saw the Project Cars game, man that just looks awesome, i am a little bit afraid if Codemasters doesn't fix their problems soon many companies will pass them left and right and that would be a shame cos Codemasters (founded 1986 you mind) is still an awesome company that only has a slight identity issue if you aske me.
  23.  The reason why it is called beta is because they still make changes to the forum, it is still under development.  As an example they recently changed the way you can post an image on the forum.  Since they made this change it  is actually bugged :-) and  i find it very annoying....if i want to post an image i can choose one from my pc folder or i can fill in a http address but both don´t work in my case. I always have to go to the html view to enter my images in order to get it to work. Also what i think is very annoying but not a bug is that you have to scroll down the entire page to go to the next, why is there no page  number on top of the threads, it would make it a lot easier go through the pages.