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  1. I'm a very casual gamer, can anyone help me please on GAS.  How do you all get so much money? I take it then you can buy cars, can you only race these on multiplayer then? Sorry the instructions (to me) are not very clear how you actually play the game!  I've atarted a career, slowly doing events is this all I have to do? Tips also gratefully accepted. No idea on tuning, or addition or when I can use them! thanks
  2. Strange how some have it and some don't then, bet your worried with that progress!! How's the game then? Any tips? 
  3. is it just online play, or offline to, or just random anyways (or they same file!?!) So it sounds like no matter what I will probably get affected, great if it does come about that they can "fix" the corrupted file and continue where left off.  Could I not do a save, and then copy it to a USB memory stick after every play and then if PS3 one goes south, reload the one off the USB? Thanks
  4. I've just bought autosport for PS3 and then been told, and now read about, the corrupt save game patch.  So is it "safe" to play? I'm a casual gamer, don't get much time on but don't want the time to be "wasted" by a no good game save file going corrupt and having to start again.  I understand the patch is looking like maybe by the end of next week (Aug 15th time?), but I don't want to wait until then to play.  Thanks
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