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  1. Joethe155

    The Worst Things Jeff Says to You

    This is one of the worst. You won or got on the podium last weekend and he says well done on the points finish. An immersion killer.
  2. Joethe155

    How to drive 'Eau Rouge' (Spa)

    Well of course they do. AI having one set of rules to the player in some circumstances as always. But yeah. It's doable flat but a little risky and you need to be delicate with your turning.
  3. Joethe155

    Do AI tyre lockups have an effect?

    Times when I've seen AI lock a tyre they haven't really gone wide or anything. Has anyone noticed whether it affects them in the corner or by going on-board and seeing their tre temps?
  4. Joethe155

    Season 2 Podium Pass Details

    Yeah pretty much. Maybe we'll have a few normalish ones for season 3. Shame you have to wait nearly 2 months for it.
  5. Joethe155

    Setting up a private mini league

    Very. Just set it to private and there you go. Only people who are invited can join.
  6. Joethe155

    I had an engine failure!

    It's decent but it really should be possible for parts like the ICU to fail fully before high wear. You can get random engine failures in F1 when they're new. We used to get them in Sony's F1 games but Codemasters have had an aversion to this for a long time. Steve Hood, a guy who was creative director (or a position like that) in the first few Codemasters F1 games, said something like they didn't want to alienate people with a random element like that which could be a turn off for people. I recognise some names on here who seem familiar from way back then so they might remember it too. Dunno what the people in charge of that stuff at CM think of the issue these days but going by recent games, they don't think much differently. A big engine failure when you're leading by ten seconds is gutting, but that's part of the enjoyment and fun. Wish we'd get that back again.
  7. Joethe155

    Podium Pass 1 Day to Go

    For it to actually happen this week and not be delayed will be a start. Well we'll obviously get all three of those. Whether there's many decent ones is another matter yet to be seen. Really hope there's some good liveries and there's at least a few that aren't completely ridiculous and cartoony. Same for the helmets and a few good celebrations.
  8. Joethe155

    Podium Pass Season 2

    Thanks Codemasters. There had better be less garish and extravagant designs in season 2.
  9. The team members celebrating are there on 2020. Don't know if they were removed very early on but they're definitely there for me.
  10. Joethe155

    Marbles off-line was a nice feature that should come back

    They're certainly still there visually. Maybe the effect is still there but it's a lot less. Now you mentioned how different the tyres are then it does make sense if the effect isn't as drastic.
  11. Around F1 2011ish, when you went off the racing line, your grip really went away dramatically later in the race as you hit the marbles of rubber discarded from the tyre surface and the controller vibrated a lot in response. Think 2011 was the only game it was in. Really liked that. People remember it? Good example of something that should have stayed part of the series for me, but was forgotten about.
  12. Joethe155

    PHOTO MODE - Share your pics!

    Photo mode could be a bit more user friendly. Being able to zoom in with one of the sticks for example ike Forza and GT do (I think they both do anyway, Forza does) instead of having to go to the menus each time. Bit of a pain.
  13. Joethe155

    Item shop is a huge disappointment

    Yeah not sure. Would be good if they were clear on it but then that's how they get people.
  14. Joethe155

    Item shop is a huge disappointment

    There's a brilliant helmet as the weekly item this week. Unsure whether to save for the next pit pass next week (which I assume will be 9000 coins) or get it and then save for the pass with the coin unlocks. Think you miss out on VIP items if they come before the level at which you get VIP though?
  15. Joethe155

    I can’t hide my frustration anymore

    Outstanding post, @Blent. Love seeing well composed replies like that.