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  1. Agreed @Naxlr Hopefully just a bug but who knows.
  2. Have they made it since the new update so if you want your personal lap data on screen (how you compare to your personal best in each sector) you need to have the delta time displayed too in practice and qualifying? I always had the delta option turned off but now it seems personal best lap + delta are linked. Which is really stupid and needless.
  3. Given that they have taken out the tyre wear graphs from the race strategy program, it seems that they're fine with going backwards here. Strange considering there's still some data in 2021 like fuel usage.
  4. This is how the F1 games are every year. Inconsistent track to track. Very annoying but its always been like that in Codemasters F1 games.
  5. Yeah if you have no Safety Car periods then you'll probably be in trouble. Just had the same issue at Silverstone. ****. Gonna have to try overfueling the car more I guess.
  6. The damn audio cutting out is still a big issue 2 weeks on. Thought this would be sorted day 1 for release. And the frames do stutter quite a bit. I'm on the original Xbox One though so that might be due to more outdated hardware.
  7. I know there's lift and coast but the AI don't do that so you're at a big disadvantage there Are you ****** if you use auto gears and run low on fuel without a safety car?
  8. Nice stuff. Been enjoying your posts on here too.
  9. In a way, doesn't things like pressures and setups needing to be different each year relate to the real sport when teams rarely have the same car to the year prior and things like pressures need realising? Things are rarely the same year to year in F1. And I think the AI in GP Mode are in fully upgraded cars. Doesn't quite make sense why the player would suffer in comparison though.
  10. Pretty sure this isn't true? Only next gen stuff is graphics stuff like ray tracing and one or two other minor things I think. I'm on the original Xbox One and I can get floor damage, bodywork damage that wasn't present in games before 2021, and so on.
  11. For me the things to be excited about are the level of customisation we have now in Career, the damage changes and a thing like VSCs now able to become fully SC periods. Jeff telling you why a SC is deployed a nice thing too.
  12. Ratings discussion is a bit of guess but it gets silly quickly. Just remember that they're only ever really opinions. And personally I haven't noticed them reflected all that much in the game anyway with 2020, which reflects sports games in general. Fifa, NHL and so on. AI will do what they want a lot of the time. Happy to hear otherwise though from peoples experiences.
  13. Really nice to see achievements for winning at Monza for Ferrari or AT and at Silverstone in a British team. Why Alpine are included though. It's not even as if they're British registered. We have a French Grand Prix these days for god sake! And the Honda at Japan achievement is nice too. Winning at Monza for an Italian team or Silverstone with a British one is one that should be in the game every year really and I'm not sure if it has been. Easy one for them to think of. The game itself should make more of your home race too, shame all we've ever really had is a line from Jeff or a line
  14. The team members celebrating are there on 2020. Don't know if they were removed very early on but they're definitely there for me.
  15. Photo mode could be a bit more user friendly. Being able to zoom in with one of the sticks for example ike Forza and GT do (I think they both do anyway, Forza does) instead of having to go to the menus each time. Bit of a pain.
  16. Then they really should add what GT Sport has or Pro Evo. This games can and do work with modded stuff on PS4. Forza does it on Xbox too. Though Pro Evo on Xbox doesn't allow the importing of files. Microsoft thing I guess.
  17. And winning at a soaked Monza for Ferrari in career after leading throughout from pole. Thrilled with that. I think it was there on 2019 too but I love how the winning team has team members come out to the barrier at the end. Think the 2nd and 3rd place teams do it too sometimes, I have seen it but not every time.
  18. I find mmpaw37 to be genuinely unsettling. When you have a look at this forum, you can be sure of two things. 1. Continued frustration at Codemasters. 2. Rubbish from mmpaw37 which is not only bad but also alarming at how the guy wants to be worm his way to being a moderator and/or a Codemasters employee.
  19. Must be why they're talking about it so much.
  20. What on earth was that Unknown poster doing? And @mmpaw37, you bring all of this on yourself yet remarkably you cannot see it. If you would stop mentioning anything else about this ridiculous "source" you have, it might help. You've already made things bad enough for yourself. You're lucky you haven't been banned for the time you said they'd reveal something between X period and X period
  21. I'm now on the verge of cancelling my pre-order after seeing that about the broadcast presentation.
  22. As it stands, it doesn't seem like there will be much,if any, substantial new information as someone from Codemasters (I think) said weeks ago that the bulk of information was out there. I know that doesn't mean all of the information is out there,but when there's no career and a "mode" (Pro Mode) that we could create ourselves but turning off assists and the HUD then I can't see any big surprise information coming. I am interested in the broadcast stuff, how long the podium sequences will be (guessing something like ten seconds unfortunately) and that Singapore screenshot was great so graphi
  23. Anyone else find it weird how the mmpaw37 guy was almost certainly not buying F1 2015, then when the announcement came, he was all over it? Since then he's gone back to the stance of someone who probably won't get it, only to revert to weird fanboyism again. It's unsettling. And Project Cars is phenomenal. It does have issues with things such as AI but overall it's brilliant. The AI are probably the best I've ever seen in a racing game. The weather changes are great, and the effect that time of day can have on say, tyre temperatures is incredible. I love how, if you're racing early in the mor
  24. They should and do, they just choose to continuously mouth off. I'm not sure what's a bigger disgrace, Codemasters over the past few years or people on this forum acting so entitled. It's pathetic. It actually makes me feel a bit for Codemasters staff and I shouldn't feel bad for them at all.
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