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  1. Here you go @JamesMcAdam, sorry for the rest for being off-topic
  2. Here a comparising of the real (2019) and ingame (2018 based) track: - Overall track width seems wider in game - T1: In game it seems made a bit smoother - T2 / T3: It seems in game this is tighter than IRL - Backstraight: IRL the track becomes tighter - Backstraight chicane: In game it is much wider, the backstraight is wider, the entry is wider, the exit is wider. Although it is more accurate than i thought. - Entry joker: IRL much more a chicane and technical, and therefore slower. - Joker: Overall the track is IRL pretty tighter and therefore a bit slower - Joker loose surface. It is also much tighter and technical IRL, and therefore also slower, - The normal turns seems pretty accurate, although there are some minor differences. - Final straight seems also pretty accurate. - Final chicane is more accurate than i thought. The right hander is a bit more open than IRL. Also because the straight are a bit wider in game and the cars have more grip than IRL, it automatically makes the chicane more easy.
  3. Fun track, the final sector I have the most difficulties with. And than I am talking about the joker and the final chicane. But I can imagine with a wheel it is a bit easier. overall a good representation of the track. It is not completely accurate if I compare to the onboard footage and tv footage. I think mostly the chicane on the back straight is a bit short which imo is the only little flaw. The other small differences are ok, as I think it’s is better for gaming purposes AI———————— the AI is pretty ok (100%), but there is room for improvements. - the AI brake to extreme/early for the first turn. Very annoying at the start - at T3 (left handed before the jump) they are a bit slow. - the AI brakes a bit strange before the back straight chicane. Also they take a bit odd line through that chicane. - the AI is extreme fast through the chicane. Their lap time is faster at the joker than the normal route. Maybe it is only the case when you are behind the AI and than they take the joker. Bugs/Issues—————— there are also some small bugs with the track. - there is no dust behind the cars. I will be interested how the racing will be then. - with a wet track, the track really seems extremely wet. A bit to much imo. - hitting a pole (trackside markers) is a bit extreme. Although I don’t mind. But when you get for example a hit at the start and pushed to the inside, you almost role or spin immediately when you hit them. Especially for online purposes it is frustrating when you can’t do anything about it and you get pushed into them. Or someone else spins because of them and you can’t avoid them. I wouldn’t change anything for now, as maybe people will change their driving, and also with fixes to AI it will help for better racing. —————- Thank you Codemasters for this track. Keep on the good work. 😘
  4. Timo is a factory driver of BMW. So I think that (Audi support) will not happen quickly. Munnich paid now most of the bills. If Scheider switches than he needs an other sponsor and probably an even bigger one if he wants an EKS Audi or SET i20. I would actually be suprised if he not will return with an improved Munnich Supercar (maybe they buy or build something else). It would be nice if they could get a strong full time team mate for him.
  5. JorritVD

    DiRTy Gossip

    It seems to be online in Australia. Have fun. https://store.playstation.com/en-au/product/EP4001-CUSA12747_00-DIRTRALLY2TRK010
  6. Latest vlog from Timo Scheider. Confirmation he wants to be back next year. Some rumours are that he wants to do that with an own team, bit I think that will a bit unlikely.
  7. JorritVD

    DiRTy Gossip

    Hmm, for custom events it would make sense to have a class for all Supercars. Otherwise it will be limited for no real reason.
  8. JorritVD

    DiRTy Gossip

    So in other words: the plan is than you can use the 2019 and 2018 Supercars together and independently. Sounds good 🙂
  9. JorritVD

    DiRTy Gossip

    If I would be Codemasters, I would suggest to have an 2018 Supercar class, an 2019 Supercar class, and an all Supercar class. The Focus competed in 2018 in ARX, so basically it could go into the 2018 class (as the Subaru is also in that class) About the Polo and DS3, they could be added to both 2018 and 2019 classes, as they were used by privateers in both WRX and ERX. And as there are already ERX liveries (Nitiss, Bryntesson) in the 2018 class, I don't see a problem with that. But yeah, if there won't be real liveries for these cars, then they still can appear in the "All Supercars" class with fictional (real lookalike) liveries.
  10. Yep, but its basically the only VW RX Supercar as far as I know that will be available. In the VW statement they said it was the end of the Beetle, but not of RX. So on the other side they could also use the new Polo R5 shell, put in their RX engine and things and you got a new RX car. Than you kinda get the M-Sport Fiesta Supercar, or like ES Motorsport do with the Fabia. Another option for Foust could be Projekt E, but in the end it also depends if the relationship between Foust and VW will continue.
  11. JorritVD

    DiRTy Gossip

    He will be in the game as far as i know as part of the 2019 season 4 DLC. Both the MK7 and MK8 STARD Fiesta will be in the game.
  12. JorritVD

    DiRTy Gossip

    Well, old locations (rally and Lydden Hill) and old cars (f.e. 2000's) have made returns. So why not some Supercars could make a return from D4/DR1. I think the most logical and favorites would be the following as they are still being used and/or are popular. - Citroën DS3 - Ford Focus RS RX - VW Polo (Marklund) Then you still have some other Supercars who were in D4 or DR1, although imo are less of a priority, but welcome to have ofcourse. - MINI Countryman - Subaru Impreza WRX STI (hatchback) Btw, you shouldn't look at laptimes and compare them to real life. Tracks (f.e. gravel sections) and physics of cars are quite different.
  13. Topi is a good driver, but hasn’t really convinced when he started driving the Polo and Audi full time. Topi had one great season when he dominated GRC as a Ford factory driver, but after it seems the momentum went gone. But ofcourse it will be great to see him full time back behind the wheel. also don’t forget that Wiman, Topi, Nitiss, Abbring have double agendas. Wiman, Topi and Nitiss also work for SET and are paid to be spotter and guide drivers for the team. Same about Abbring who is being hired and also works for GP Elite. Abbring would have raced at some more rounds, but was prevented due to other (paid) commitments. An All-Inkl SEAT might be possible, but I don’t think it will be for Nitiss, if you look back at the 2016 season. ES has already two Skoda chassis. So it is not unlikely imo. SET/GRX already have 3 chassis. A fourth chassis is imo unlikely business wise. They already not had that chassis full time this season. But yeah, if Loeb might do full time WRX, than it becomes a different story. Now the ARX is folded and the Beetle is out of competition, I might wonder if we will see Tanner Foust back in WRX or maybe full time ERX with a Hedstrom/Marklund Polo like in the “old times”. He has backing from Rockstar and VW and maybe that car he can than also use for NRX. It’s maybe not the best car, but atleast a solid car.
  14. JorritVD

    DiRTy Gossip

    I asked Jon on IG stories about more DR2.0 seasons. His reaction was interesting. He dont know Whats happening yet. And someone shouts “cut” between it. Check it out. Sounds positive imo
  15. Don;t forget that when Subaru competed at Global Rallycross, that they also competed at multiple rounds, although the difference there is, it was in America, now they would compete at all rounds outside America. So they will need a base in Europe as well. My guess is that the RX Cartel might become a factory supported Subaru team. They could use some facilities of LDM, and I think renting an EKS Audi isn't cheaper than "renting" a Subaru. So budgetwise the RX Cartel / Monster could solve some things with Subaru as well. Maybe we could finally see Scott Speed as well compete in Europe 😄 But I think Subaru wants to promote their brand primarely in North America, so I not really see how a WRX programm without a North American round will do that. Btw, some say Boxer engines aren't allowed in RX, but in the technical regulations i don't find anything about it. Actually I found this: