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  1. JorritVD

    2019 FIA World Rallycross Championship

    If you would see my effort in my sponsor programm, than a 10. but yeah, the companies still need to like this idea and at the moment I haven't got a company commited yet, so that is a 1. But I also just started today with contacting some companies including a big local company here in the area who has a lot of international clients. I have a few different business ideas and plans. Also my hope is to do it the coming season, but if it not fall into place yet, than I continue the preperation for the next year. Also I heared that it is very likely a new RX track will come in the Netherlands and the Dutch National Autosport Federation (KNAF) is busy with it to get things sorted.
  2. JorritVD

    2019 FIA World Rallycross Championship

    Pretty good event in Riga. I had planned to be there this weekend, but the previous weekend and also next weekend I have busy plans. Next to that I have an invitation to meet a Dutch RX team which has a lot of experience in RX. Has build a lot of RX cars and parts including for teams who are on the WRX and ERX grid. Looking to check if I can do S1600 next, but need to get a lot of budget to have a good serious program. But if I manage, than maybe next year you guys might see me on the ERX grid 🤪 Now about Riga. Quite good racing. But the track... To much is decided on the first turn. Also strange penalties. The Larsson DQ. IMO a race incident. I think Timmy has raced well on Sunday and I think the win is more than deserved. But the Hansen also had quite an advantage with testing a lot at the Riga track. One thing I am happy about is the championship fight. How can people not be happy the factory teams are gone? Multiple race winners, multiple drivers on the podium, a lot of different drivers in the finals, and the championship fight till the last race and just one point between the first two. And those drivers had a mega incident in the first round. For South Africa it will be excited, though the Hansens performed there better than Bakkerud when they were there the last seasons 😕
  3. JorritVD

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.8 Bug Reports

    Flying car in RX online when event finished PS4 Pro - Deluxe - Online - Hell When the "Event Finished" is showing online, the AI (who controls the car after the finish of an online race) gets mad and go straight and full throttle. Although it looks funny, I don't think it is a well presentation 😛
  4. JorritVD

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.8 Bug Reports

    RX Cars still not automatically clean after every Quali race PS4 Pro - Deluxe - Online - Hell They will only be cleaned after they get a repair. But when you return to the paddock/service area, the car already should be clean. Now I had already two quali races online without damage (yes, it is possible 🤣), but no clean car. Basically, if you are in an event, than the car should be automatically clean, every time you return to the service area.
  5. JorritVD

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    Yes, I know that is how it with the Community Challenges. But for the eSport you need to accept RaceNet, and I think that automatically shows your name for all platforms. @PJTierney could you answer if we see crossed platforms leaderboards for eSports, or do we see only platform specific?
  6. JorritVD

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    The leaderboards are crossed platform right? Here the RX (PS4) leaderboard. 3811 competed so far: Top of the leaderboard: Despite a lot of mistakes that I made, I am still in the top 50 and fastest Dutchie.
  7. JorritVD

    2019 FIA World Rallycross Championship

    I not had a bad time yesterday evening. 😛
  8. JorritVD

    2019 FIA World Rallycross Championship

    Updates from Latvia / Riga The ES Skoda got a big update. The cooling is now in the back. Could be this is actually the 2nd Fabia they build. The MINI of Bennett is repaired in time.
  9. JorritVD

    DiRTy Car Wishlists!

    They probably have still files, but they are also probably to low poly.
  10. JorritVD

    2019 FIA World Rallycross Championship

    Scott Speed is out for the rest of the year, But looking to recover well. No replacement driver announced yet. I hope Pastrana or maybe Solberg.
  11. JorritVD

    DiRTy Gossip

    @AlexSpartan316 Please put bugs in the bug topic, so it not get lost here in the Gossip topic
  12. JorritVD

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.8 Bug Reports

    Cars don't have backfire in Neutral Already I noticed before v1.8, but cars don't have backfire when being in Neutral It not seems car specific, but a general "bug" with all the cars. Some system info (although I don't think it has to do with this): PS4 Pro / Delux
  13. JorritVD

    DiRTy Gossip

    The new ones are a bit more realistic. I wouldn't say the previous ones weren't unrealistic, but the combination of sponsors, livery and stuff, these new liveries more realistic 🙂 Can I call the new one the "Ladybug" livery? https://store.playstation.com/nl-nl/product/EP4001-CUSA12747_00-DIRTRALLY2LIV007
  14. All working good here. PS4 Pro, PSN EU
  15. JorritVD

    DiRTy Gossip

    What I said about Career before 😄 Only thing I want to add to it, is that the career should be completly seperated to the My Team stuff. I wouldn't mind that data from the career would go to Racenet, but if there is no connection, than it not should cause issues.