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  1. Reading the article, it seems a bit old news. It was already mentioned earlier Kristofferson is looking to get back in RX. They already have a "customer" for ERX, because that's Evjen. Also the article mentions that he checks to enter "on some events", suggesting it's not full time.
  2. Yeah, that's a nice option indeed next to the plain black and white liveries. With or without the numberplates which the plain black/white do have, or without so it becomes more a "street" car?
  3. I actually hope that T. Arai - Spike livery will return to DR2.0, as it was in CMR2.0 and CMR3 if i remember correctly.
  4. #25 1999 - Acropolis - T. Arai 1999 - Catalunya - Climent 2000 - Catalunya - T. Arai 2001 - Tour de Corse - A. Mörtl 2001 - Rally GB - H. Solberg 2005 - Sardinia - T. Johansson 2005 - Acropolis - K. Sohlberg 2008 - Deutschland - G. Jones
  5. Yeah, list for ERX becoming well. 10 confirmed entries so far, of which 7 are new for the series this year. - B.P. Gunderson - JC Raceteknik - Audi S1 (EKS) - T. Karai - Karai Motorsport - Audi S1 (EKS/Karai) - T. Daarbak - Troels Daarbak - Ford Fiesta (MDK) - K. Abbring - GCK - Renault Clio R.S. RX (GCK) - P. Maloigne - GCK - Renault Clio R.S. RX (GCK) - A. Carlsson - ACRX - Renault Clio (ACRX) - S. Evjen - Kristofferson Motorsport - VW Polo (KMS) - P. Gehrman - PHMS - VW Polo (KMS) -S. Svardal - Team Svardal - VW Polo (Marklund) - M. Barbosa - MBRX - Citroën DS3 (LDM) Btw, some specs about the Fiesta can be found here: https://market.rallycross.com/details.php?id=44
  6. Andreucci - San Remo Rally - 2000 Dor - Acropolis rally - 2000 Hołowczyc - Portugal Rally - 2000 Al-Wahaibi Hamed - Acropolis rally - 2001 Aiari - Deutschland Rally - 2002 Rune - Norway Rally - 2007
  7. Gregoire de Mevius, used the #27 in the 1998 Portugal and San Remo Rallies.
  8. JorritVD

    DiRTy Gossip

    Happy birthday DiRT Rally 2.0 🥳🎉🎊🎂
  9. These are not physics, but has to do with graphics/visuals.
  10. Yes, it's an M-Sport car. Actually Loenbro got three M-Sport Fiesta, one older MK7 OMSE Fiesta and two M-Sport Focus RS RX shells. Two of those M-Sport Fiesta were originally in M-Sport spec, but in preperation of the 2019 season, Loenbro put in the Focus RS RX drivetrain and electronics. FYI, Pecoy's car was driven by Ken Block for the Nitro Rallycross event. The Third M-Sport Fiesta is/was an original M-Sport spec Rallycross car (not had the changed airintakes at the side for the cooling) At least in 2019 was in the original spec, and was used for promotion events (using the Eneos colors which Arpin used in one of the ARX events), but currently undergowing a rebuild.