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  1. May is coming soon guys 😄
  2. Very different eras though. Loeb entered when the 2.0L was on its peak and to be honest never really had the biggest competition after a few years. Ford and some of its drivers faltered on many occasions while they should have taken the title imo. Ogier ofcourse had maybe the best car in the 1.6L WRC era with the Polo and maybe not had the strongest teammates imo. But on the other end he has won championships with different brands including VW, Ford (M-Sport), Toyota and also became two times third with Citroën (including with that crappy C3 at that point). Therefore I give a sligth
  3. There will be more cars. He will also do the Baja 1000 in a Trophy Truck. And I also expect him to compete in Pastrana's Nitro Rallycross Series. Most logically now it would be in a Subaru, but who knows and he will work together with RX Cartel and some EKS Audi due to the Monster connection, or does return in his trusted Fiesta at Loenbro (as that have Hoonigan connections). And ealier he also hinted towards Dakar, so maybe he will be some rally-raid events to prepare himself for that.
  4. as i mentioned somewhere before, we cant give a good opinion about it till we saw a full event of elextric cars against each other with good drivers like Ekstrom, Kristofferson, Hansens, Gronholm, Bakkerud, Doran, etc. After that there can be a good verdict if its good or not. ------------- Scheider confirmed he is back with the All-Inkl SEAT in World RX ------------- World RX new logo. More info should come this week. IMG/Monster out, WRC/Red Bull in
  5. It was quite cool to see this perspective once of the Audi RX, just like it was real life at Rally Legend with Dovi behind the wheel (so strange it’s not allowed by Codies or licensing). Tbh, I don’t like real rally or racing pov videos. They usually are fisheye lenses, and therefore overall has a to high speed sense. Even a slow street Dacia you can make fast this way. Though it also depends on your screen size. Basically how smaller the screen, how faster the sense of speed is. And an other factor is the FPS. I have competed in the Dutch Championship go-karting with a 6-speed
  6. So F1 2021 is announced by Codies yesterday. Released for July 16. Therefore I not expect any announcement of DR3 in April anymore. There might be two possibilities. - DR3 will be released in February, than the announcement might be in september after the summer holidays. Five months prior the release and a similar schedule as DR2. - DR3 will be released in November, just before the holidays. Than the announcement might be in early June (or maybe and of May). After the announcement they have june and july to fully promote F1 2021.
  7. Audi S1 Quattro RX on a Rally stage 😵
  8. But somehow you confirmed kinda some things: - There will be a DR3 before a Codies WRC game. - And that there will be a Codemasters WRC title.
  9. new class for DR3? 😄
  10. Reminds of the Gemeente Amsterdam (municipality) new logo, that were 100.000 euro design costs for basically pressing the ENTER button. But also a new goverment logo here costed 15 million euro... I can understand it brings some costs to change all papers, websites, designing, etc, but 15 million... Btw, original costs were anticipated on 60.000 euro. Just a little bit of difference 😄
  11. Congrats @jonny174 Also thanks for announcing DR3 for coming within a year (my guess) 😛
  12. Back in the S14 last weekend to improve or set some Time Trail personal records PS4 (JorritVD)
  13. I once again checked tarmac physics. Therefore i used the two following clips: Loeb real vs DR2 ingame https://youtu.be/rwv0jSrJBsY?t=67 - One thing is very noticable (as speed is slowed down to be similar to real life footage). There is a strange input lag. The player turns the wheel already, so that is no input lag, but the car doesn't correspond with the steering input directly. It takes "half a second" (feeling) before the car actually starts to turn in. Sainz real with steering input https://youtu.be/O6RUXJx2q28 - A cool thing to notice in this real life footage is how
  14. Only D5 news OOOOOORRRRRR DiRT Rally 3 is not called "Dirt Rally 3"
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