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  1. JorritVD

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Congrats to Jon and Noel for winning the "Down rally".
  2. JorritVD

    JorritVD’s suggestions for DiRT Rally 2.0

    "Classic" RX Supercars In Rallycross there are moden Supercars and Group B RX cars. But there is not really something between it. My suggestion to have (as like in F1 games) to add "Historic" Supercars, also previously known as division 1 or division 2 rallycross cars. This can ofcourse be older cars, but also more recent cars (F1 games also have classics from around 2010). So what cars could be added? 90's Citroën BX T16 4x4 1993 - Div.2 ERX champion - JL Pailler Citroën Xantia T16 4x4 1994 - 1995 - 1996 - Div.2 3rd - JL Pailler Citroën ZX T16 4x4 1994 / 1996 - Div.2 ERX champion - Kenneth Hansen Ford Escort RS2000 T16 4x4 1995 - Div.2 ERX champion - Martin Schanche 1997 - Div.1 ERX champion - Ludvig Hunsbedt Saab 900 / Saab 9-3 T16 4x4 1998 / Div.1 ERX vice-champion - Per Eklund 1999 / Div.1 ERX champion - Per Eklund 2000 > 3rd / 2001 > 3rd / 2002 > 2nd / 3002 > 2nd 00's Citroën Xsara (WRC/T16) 2000 - 2001 - 2002 - 2003 - 2004 - 2005 / Div.1 ERX champion - Kenneth Hansen Peugeot 206 (WRC/T16) 2000 - 2nd ERX - JL Pailler 2003 - 3rd ERC - JL Pailler Ford Focus MK1 (WRC/T16) 2001 - 2nd ERX - Ludvig Hunsbedt 2002 - 3rd ERX - Pavel Koutný 2004 - 2nd ERX - Michael Jernberg 2005 - 3rd ERX - Sverre Isachsen 2006 - 3rd ERX - Tommy Rustad Skoda Fabia T16 (MK1) 2006 - 2007 / ERX champion - Lars Larsson Skoda Fabia T16 (MK2) Michael Jernberg - 2008 3rd ERX / 2009 2nd ERX Citroën C4 T16 2006 - 2nd ERX - Kenneth Hansen 2007 - 2nd ERX - Kenneth Hansen 2008 - ERX Champion - Kenneth Hansen 2009 - 3rd ERX - Kenneth Hansen 2010 - 2nd ERX - Kenneth Hansen 2010 - 3rd ERX - Liam Doran 2011 - 3rd ERX - Timur Timerzyanov 2011 - X-Games Gold - Liam Doran 2013 - 2nd ERX - Davy Jeanney Ford Focus T16 (MK2) 2009 - 2010 - 2011 / ERX Champion - Sverre Isachsen Citroën DS3 2012 - 2013 / ERX Champion / Timur Timerzyanov 2014 - 2015 / WRX Champion / Petter Solberg Other notable drivers: Liam Doran, Andreas Bakkerud, Timmy Hansen, Sebastien Loeb (X-Games Gold) / .... Ford Fiesta 2011 - 2014 / Global Rallycross championships (Foust / Heikkinen / Wiman) / X Games medals (Foust / Deegan ...) Volkswagen Polo 2015 / ERX Champion - Tommy Rustad 2017 / ERX Champion - Anton Marklund Other notable drivers: Tanner Foust / Topi Heikkinen / Johan Kristoffersson / ....
  3. JorritVD

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Share your Screenshots!

    Saw that @PJTierney posted a screen from me and that some more console shots are being posted now. Thanks 🙂 Some shots from me (PS4 Pro) from last week.
  4. JorritVD

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Ah, so now the MINI Countryman WRC needs to come to DR2.0 😛 Also you can bring the RX version with this livery 😄 But livery looks great btw 🙂
  5. JorritVD

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Again a video about the track editor from Milestone (MXGP 2019). Still think this will be a great functionallity for the Rallycross part for in the future 🙂
  6. >>> NOTE: These views are mine. Things can be wrong. Maybe my hope is focused more on RX than Rally. <<< Soon the first two seasons of DLC come to an exciting end with two new Group B RX cars and the Estering RX track. A lot of indications suggest we can expect more DLC. What it will be and in which form (seasons or different) is unknown so far. Probably most of it is already decided, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t interesting to talk and gossip about. In this topic I specifically talk about RX. Although I like rally, my preference goes to RX. So what are the indications more content will follow? The biggest indication is the steamdb site about DR2.0 that more locations will come. A note here, only locations have been specified in this, DLC cars not which are part of a different package. So keep that in mind. https://steamdb.info/app/690790/depots/ Also there was an earlier mention that some FB sources (how reliable it is, is unknown) that the Hyundai i20 RX will come. Those sources also mentioned Group B and the Latvian RX track, which have been in S1 and S2. https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/178-dirty-gossip-thread/?do=findComment&comment=416309 Next to that Oliver Bennett confirmed on IG earlier that his MINI will also be in the game, hopefully by the summer. Don’t forget that in the new GRID game Xite is also heavily visable in the trailers so far. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bscz1xugURP/ The final point has been made recently by Community manager PJT in the Welcome to Wales video. https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/34608-2019-fia-world-rallycross-championship/?page=9&tab=comments#comment-444632 This chat could suggest a lot of ways, also that it could have ment nothing, but that seems unlikely? First of all he mentions currently, so it means in the future this could change, and secondly he mentions RX and not specifically says WRX. The only RX cars who have 2018 liveries are the Supercars, but next to WRX liveries there are also some ARX liveries (Subaru) and some Euro RX liveries. At the moment it is most likely 2019 content will come, but there are some other options that could be possible, f.e. a bigger 2018 content (with more WRX, ARX and ERX content), maybe even “Historic” Supercars like in the F1 games (so f.e. the DS3 from Solberg, maybe the Impreza from DR1, the (Isachsen) Focus ST or Hansen C4 from DiRT 3) although it seems unlikely. One more option, but also unlikely is an older season, f.e. the “missing” 2017 season. (DR1 was about the 2015 season, and D4 was about the 2016 season). So what can we expect? First of all I think the future RX DLC content will be 2018 and 2019 seasons focused. Or it will be 2019 focused and at the same time filling the 2018 “gaps”. At least that is what I hope if that is the case. F.e. the i20 and MINI also competed, so when they add this for the possible 2019 content, I also hope they will include the 2018 liveries. Tracks It seems 6 more locations will come according to steamdb. Some slots will also be for rally. Currently I have two theories: 4 slots will be for RX. Two for the remaining 2018 tracks, CotA and South Africa, and the other two slots for the new 2019 tracks, Abu Dhabi and Spa. From those three Codemasters already has a lot of resource material from their F1 games. The remaining two slots will then be for the two remaining DR1 Rally locations Finland and Greece 3 slots for RX, two for the remaining 2018 tracks and one for the return of Lydden Hill. It could mean that Rally gets a new location, but this could f.e. also be for a free roam area (DirtFish or Battersea). Although the second theory is not impossible, somehow my feelings say the first theory is more logical. Cars It is totally unknown how many new cars will come, so it is difficult to give some good theories about this. So I will go car by car which I think maybe could come. Xite Racing Mini Cooper (confirmed / likely) The Xite Racing team has been promoting DR2.0 from the beginning, Bennett kinda confirmed the car will come in the summer and Xite also is heavily represented in the new GRID game. All indications that we can expect the MINI. It is also not the first time MINI has been in RX, with f.e. the Countryman in DR1 and D4. GRX Hyundai i20 (possible) This is probably the biggest Supercar entry that is missing from DR2.0. Only some source (reliable?) do mention this car is coming. Also the i20 was already in D4, but than in R5, although this car not made it in DR2.0 so far. Also the i20 R5 was DLC in D4, so maybe it will be again like that for DR2.0. Munnich SEAT Ibiza (possible) This car was in DiRT 4, although the current 2019 spec car (also the 2018 version) are quite different from the version that was raced in D4 (2016 season). The team has been a big entry last year and this year (full time WRX and ERX), so it makes quite some sense this car will return. GCK Renault Clio (possible) Two Clio’s are full time entered in the 2019 WRX seasons (and was full time 2018 ERX as well), and next to that Renault is quite a lot in DR2.0 already. Also there is some support from R.S. this season for GCK. That makes it all likely the Clio could turn up. ES Skoda Fabia (possible) ES runs a Skoda Fabia supercar this season (almost full time), which is based on the R5. Licensing is pretty difficult for Skoda, but Codemasters managed to get the R5 in the game. Maybe it seems impossible to get the license for the Supercar, but there are two indications that might change this. First of all the Super 1600 polo from ES Motorsport is also in the game, and secondly the Supercar also has been featured on the official Skoda Motorsport IG page meaning that Skoda not is against the project. They also say “our rallycross car”. https://www.instagram.com/p/BzLl8qhnv8I/ Volkswagen Beetle ARX (possible) VW has been well represented in the game, although they are all Polo: WRX, R5, GTI and S1600. I will be interested if the ARX Beetle could show up. The Subaru from ARX is already ingame and next to that the Beetle is a VW product (well represented) and is a championship winning machine. Only thing that could stop it imo is that VW doesn’t really want to promote it anymore and stops producing the car. Currently their R brand is supports the program in ARX. Although I wouldn’t say it is unlikely, but I think it makes less chance than some other to show up. Volkswagen Polo - Privateers (possible) This Polo has been in DR1 and D4, and is currently still very active in different rallycross championships, including full time entries in ERX and had guest entries in WRX. I think because the model is ready (still need to do rework for DR2.0) makes it still possible to show up. But with the factory version already in the game and it is no full time WRX entry, it makes it less likely. M-Sport Ford Focus (possible) Probably one of most popular Supercars in DiRT 4 thanks to Bakkerud, Block and its aggressive looks. The car has no entry in 2019, but did a full season in ARX 2018. Although I would say the car is unlikely to come in DR2, the car model already being available and there is no other Supercar Focus in the game, I think there is still a chance we might see it, also to have some more variation. M-Sport Ford Fiesta MK7 (unlikely) Only the OMSE Fiesta MK7 is currently in the game, even though the STARD and Nitiss (SET) were based on M-Sport shells. I now also doubt the car will come. Though it would be nice to see the accurate models, also because in this ARX season the Loenbro team races with it full time. Ford Fiesta MK8 2019 spec (unlikely) In DiRT Rally 2.0 the OMSE MK8 Fiesta is quite different compared to this year car, especially due to the cooling of the car is this year in the back, instead of it being in the front in 2018. And with that it gives quite a different driving characteristics with this years MK8 Fiesta (OMSE and STARD) have the cooling in the back. Aero wise both MK8 Fiesta are quite similar (especially compared to the MK7 Fiestas between the OMSE and the M-Sport based Fiestas, which were very different) and from the outside it is all just more about the details. I will be interested if CM will consider to make a 2019 spec Fiesta, while visually it seems only the cooling need to be changed. Physics wise the car will also need some adjustments. Citroën DS3 (unlikely) The DS3 has been a popular car, although not has been seen much in the WRX/ARX/ERX scene in last season and this season. All were/are guest entries. The Barbosa car (ex-LDM Bakkerud car) this year has an awesome livery though. In other championships the car is still entered a lot, and CM could also think to attract more f.e. French RX fans to the game with adding this car. Also my idea to add “Historic” cars to add the DS3 (Solberg championship winning car, Doran, Bakkerud, Hansen, Oliver Solbergs popular run at Goodwood) could be an interesting one. But for now I think the car is unlikely. Honda Civic Coupé (unlikely) Former GRC car, and current RallyX Nordic cars, entered at Holjes as a guest entry. Unlikely this car will appear, but with the OMSE connections and maybe interest from Honda could make it an interesting addition. CARS I think the focus will be on the big 2018 and 2019 WRX entries, and with that it will be already 5 new car models: MINI, i20, Ibiza, Clio and Fabia. Three models of those exists already (partly) and two from that need to be scratch made. I will also wonder than if there will be still development space for f.e. the Beetle, Focus and privateer Polo. It could also depend a bit on the vision of IMG (RX promotor) and CM, if they f.e. also want to promote ARX a bit more, than the Focus and Beetle might also get more interesting and than the i20 and Fabia might be sacrificed due the possible difficult licensing.
  7. JorritVD

    Why is my VIP Code on Dirt 3 not working?

    Lol, go cry or something... ianism asked you a question. did you have the same PSN account? because the code should be connected to the same account, so than it is not neccesairy to re-enter the code. As @ianism said, its a good game. Split Screen and had some nice different styles of racing and had fun mini games for online 🙂
  8. JorritVD

    2019 FIA World Rallycross Championship

    I am not that sure. Bakkerud had a pretty mixed/poor start of the 2016 season. But after that it seemed the Focus was the car to beat or right up there. For the 2017 season i think Focus lacked of development and the the change of style for a Rallycross car, and got beaten by the VW, Audi and Peugeot.
  9. JorritVD

    2019 FIA World Rallycross Championship

    Pretty big chance https://www.instagram.com/p/Bscz1xugURP/
  10. JorritVD

    2019 FIA World Rallycross Championship

    This is why i liked the Prodrive MINI RX. This brutal sound. Although this was with the 1.6L (WRC) engine. The 2.0L engine that was developed later (by JRM?) sounded more like a regular Supercar. Thought this MINI eventually went to Riku Tahko in Finland, who still races it in rallicrosssm with a 2.0L engine and some different aero package.
  11. JorritVD

    2019 FIA World Rallycross Championship

    i wonder we will ever see those Focus back on track. Dont think Ford will really allow. Also difficult maybe now a lot of parts went used for the upgraded Fiesta’s. I think the electronics and engine (and related parts) have transplanted).
  12. JorritVD

    2019 FIA World Rallycross Championship

    Coming back on ARX. Looks like the Loenbro team has got some RX Supercars. Got his image from Arpin's IG story. Two Ford Focus are behind the RX2 car. Then there is a third M-Sport Fiesta. I guess this is a spare chassis, or is ment to be prepared for Block for a guest entry. Than its an interesting one, it seemed there is a an OMSE Fiesta (MK7, non facelift) behind it. I guess this was Steve's GRC car from the 2013 and 2014 season. So the team has got 6 Supercar chassis (2x Focus, 3x Fiesta M-Sport, 1x Fiesta OMSE), but only uses two.
  13. JorritVD

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Hah, or those Horns from DiRT3
  14. JorritVD

    2019 FIA World Rallycross Championship

    Interesting chat
  15. JorritVD

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    #Gossipmaterial Anyone noticed the two new slots on steamdb? Only mentions DLC. What could it be.