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  1. Don’t forget that there weren’t two dev teams at that time and the DR dev team made DiRT 4 between the two DR titles. Basically they made DR2.0 in 1,5 year. Though they started build DR2.0 immediately after D4, while DR2.0 had for about 1 year extra development for solving issues and add DLC. one more thing just for logic. Why would they start the DiRT Rally Team in JWRC in 2021 while there would only be a WRC title in 2024? Doesn’t sound very logic imo. I think there will be a DR3 in 2022. Maybe announced during Ypres, though that’s unlikely now with the recent announcement of GRiD
  2. @PJTierney Does the dev team use drones like these to map stages or circuits/tracks? Looks to be very usefull to me, maybe even just for recreate surrouding environment quickly but correctly. But maybe the dev teams have better tools. https://www.deltaquad.com/vtol-drones/map/
  3. I think a chase cam has nothing to do with physics. Having the swingman cam focused on the center of the car is normal to do. That the physics are around a pivot is different point. During my modding time years ago for GTR2 / Automobilista, i also made quite some camera files, or adjustment to them. When making the swingman cam i not focused on the center of the car. Yes for the Left/Right position it was centered, but for the Front/Rear i not centered it. I "centered" with the drivers head. Imo that gave the best feedback for drivers who played with swingman camera position. If you
  4. Yeah, I think it’s 50/50 at the moment. If there won’t be an announcement in September or earlier, I think we need to wait till 2023. could be that DiRT Rally 3 will get a lot of things that will be in the WRC aswell. So than the schedule won’t be as tight. one more thing is still how the WRC license will be implemented. Could become integrated with DiRT Rally. Maybe it will be called DR: WRC. And maybe will be a game with WRC/ERC and also Rallycross.
  5. Red Bull in indirect promoter of WRC, ERC, WRX, ERX, but also NRX. And Coley happens to be the voice at NRX now 😉 so would be perfect to get those 5 championships somehow in one game now 😮
  6. I think a possible DiRT Rally 3 can be compared to a Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order approach. Jedi Fallen Order has been published by EA, but developed by Respawn with Unreal 4 as engine. I not think DR will go to an other engine near soon, but that we will need to wait for to be sure. Its actually not even sure there will be a DR3, or that we need to wait till the 2023 for the possible WRC game, or WRC license in DR3. Still hope for a similar DR2.0 timeline for DR3. Announcement in september (after summer), and launch in february. The only thing that maybe fears me a bit, is t
  7. https://www.ign.com/articles/codemasters-leadership-departs-four-months-after-ea-acquisition Nothing serious it seems. ------ Something else, "EA aims to release a new racing game every year". Isnt that the worst quote ever? With the F1 series you already have a game every year. Shouldnt the aim than be to release every year two racing games?
  8. Codies need to make a solid Drift game 😄 Or maybe make a console version of Torque drift Dont know if I should have posted, but i submitted this idea to Codies...
  9. What you want is not really possible. There is no API or something to show data from the DR2 website on your website. If you want data on your own website, you need to put that yourself. I think you have the following options: 1 - Organize a custom online event, and make sure others join at that point. You can make screenshots of the results. From the screenshot you can show the final result on your website. 2 - You can create a club event. You can say that the event is open for maximum 1h30m as you can see in my screenshot below. This way you can make sure people cant practice
  10. Timmy will be there. This way they post two times and total get more communication. Btw, Ide and Scheider already confirmed ealier this year they will compete. But as things changed, I wonder if their plans also changed. --------------- This article is more interesting: https://dirtfish.com/rallycross/nitro-rallycross-reveals-first-teams-for-2022-electric-class/
  11. Far from 1:1 (but close for that time ofcourse). A lot less detail in that game and was all handmade. You could already back then have measurements ofcourse in the dev tool, and in combination with a map (or possible satalite images) and videos I think they made those stages. Nowadays most of the sim-racing games use laser-scanned tracks. At least games like iRacing do. For the F1 games of Codemasters I don't know. I believe those are still made completely "old-school" (so without laser scanned data). Probably laser scanning isn't really the best option of rally stages due to the constant
  12. May is coming soon guys 😄
  13. Very different eras though. Loeb entered when the 2.0L was on its peak and to be honest never really had the biggest competition after a few years. Ford and some of its drivers faltered on many occasions while they should have taken the title imo. Ogier ofcourse had maybe the best car in the 1.6L WRC era with the Polo and maybe not had the strongest teammates imo. But on the other end he has won championships with different brands including VW, Ford (M-Sport), Toyota and also became two times third with Citroën (including with that crappy C3 at that point). Therefore I give a sligth
  14. There will be more cars. He will also do the Baja 1000 in a Trophy Truck. And I also expect him to compete in Pastrana's Nitro Rallycross Series. Most logically now it would be in a Subaru, but who knows and he will work together with RX Cartel and some EKS Audi due to the Monster connection, or does return in his trusted Fiesta at Loenbro (as that have Hoonigan connections). And ealier he also hinted towards Dakar, so maybe he will be some rally-raid events to prepare himself for that.
  15. as i mentioned somewhere before, we cant give a good opinion about it till we saw a full event of elextric cars against each other with good drivers like Ekstrom, Kristofferson, Hansens, Gronholm, Bakkerud, Doran, etc. After that there can be a good verdict if its good or not. ------------- Scheider confirmed he is back with the All-Inkl SEAT in World RX ------------- World RX new logo. More info should come this week. IMG/Monster out, WRC/Red Bull in
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