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  1. JorritVD

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Btw, maybe someone mentioned this before, but I completely missed out actually that TOYOTA Gazoo Racing became partner for the WRC eSports. This could be actually pretty good news i think for us, the DiRT Rally gamers as HYUNDAI was first the official eSports partner of WRC. Hyundai isn't in DR2.0 because i think it was being commited to WRC eSports (and why than be in a other "sim" rally game that also has eSports?) Now they are not the official partner anymore, i guess it makes the possibility a lot bigger to see Hyundai back in DR3.
  2. JorritVD

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    There are a lot of theory when DR3 could be announced and released. Also we have no idea what this “WRC” license is and how it will be incorporated. Is it just for cars? Or “historic” WRC cars? Or is it for a full game? And will it be part of the game like the WRX license is in DR2.0. And what is the status of the WRX license that was in three DiRT games? And if it will happen with all this other cars that featured in the game? For me a WRC license isn’t the holy grail, as I actually enjoy the diversity of DiRT Rally and not want it be limited with Rally1 cars. I rather have the late 90’s and 00’s awesome 2.0L WRC cars. Also the license could limit the features and gameplay of the game. one thing I’m more than sure about, it won’t be 3.0. The .0 was a 😉 towards CMR2.0.
  3. JorritVD

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Btw, anyone interested in a 2003 WRC Focus? https://www.ewrc-market.com/ad/4-ex-marko-martin-focus-wrc/ I guess this version of the Focus (03-05) is the only Ford 2.0L WRC missing currently from the DiRT Rally genre? As we basically got first MK1 model (99-02) and the MK2 (06-10). This "Evo MK1" model is than the only one missing. Yes, the Escort WRC is also missing from the Ford 2.0L WRC, but we got the Group A version of that.
  4. JorritVD

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Btw, people who are interested in some old, but with "quality", video report of Dutch/Belgium (and other) rally footages should check this YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpbMMZ0Nd5s5WkVtMZrKKOA/videos In the 00's quite a lot with WRC cars in the Netherlands, but there is also footage with Group B cars 🙂 Maybe it is also cool for @PJTierney to use it for socials or newsletters.
  5. JorritVD

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    If you buy a location, it works exactly the same as other locations. Instead of buying standalone locations, I would advise to buy the Year One pass. That will include all extra locations and all extra cars. it's much cheaper than buy every single locations. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/windows-store-dirt-rally-20-year-one-pass/9njhn4qb9mdq A second advice on this, wait till there is a discount week or something and grab it with 50% discount 🙂
  6. JorritVD

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    I see on the dutch Motorsport.com that the Codemasters shareholders agreed with the EA takeover. https://nl.motorsport.com/esports/news/overname-codemasters-door-electronic-arts-goedkeuring-aandeelhouders/5340169/
  7. JorritVD

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

    With me on PS4 in the Netherlands
  8. JorritVD

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    I think I saw that one to. Though that is fish-eye lense. Therefore the sense of speed looks much faster than what it actually is.
  9. JorritVD

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Maybe some good footage for the developers 🙂
  10. JorritVD

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Nice car for DiRT in the GT class
  11. JorritVD

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Teaser shot DR3 swing man cam #not
  12. JorritVD

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Btw, EA did "made" (well one of their studios) one of my most favorite single player offline games quite recently: Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. It is so far the only game on my PlayStation where I got platinum for 😄. There was a trend indeed with lootboxing at EA. But fans responded about that at Star Wars Battlefront II, even though it had a single player part. But gamers not wanted it and BF2 was in a pretty **** situation. EA and DICE have changed the game a lot, lootboxing is gone, and did a lot of updates on it if i'm correct to make things right, be transparent and try give the gamers what they want. So i think EA is quite aware now to what works and what works not. To be honest, DiRT Rally 2.0 has a lot of potential to be a very good offline and online game. Maybe the keyword is here "potential", because on some front it was lacking quite a lot and in some areas even some small steps were taken back compared to D4 and DR1 and sometimes the visions arent strong enough. - Career mode should have been offline, but it is helpful for the developers to get data, although needing to be online constantly for it is a bit strange. - The online career part was mostly for the My Team and the community challenges. But I think it would be better to make a online career mode seperately for that. - 8 players for online custom sessions are just to low. Should really go up. But seeing D5, I think this will happen. - More "open" lobby's where people can choose an RX class, RX track, etc. Just like in MotoGP 20 where people can choose the class (MotoGP/Moto2/Moto3) and the track after that. - Add Time Trail Challenges: https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/63419-tt20-time-trail-challenges/ - I was talking about a step back earlier. Well in D4 and DR2 it was possible to choose for custome events for "Finals only" in Rallycross sessions. Meaning having semi-final and final in an online event. This option is missing from DR2. In DR2 there is only a "single race" or "full event" option. I did a lot of suggestions in my topic, not meaning DR2 is a bad game, but just to make the game better 🙂 https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35255-jorritvd’s-suggestions-for-dirt-rally-20/ But I am more than hopefull in DiRT Rally 3 (much more than after D4), or whatever the name will be, especially with the likes of PJ, Jon and all the other talented people working on it, but also with having seperated teams now working on DiRT Arcady/Funny and Dirt Rally 🙂. I wish you all a good holidays and a fruitful 2021 (with DR3 also being announced and/or released ofcourse 😛)
  13. JorritVD

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Yes and no. Codies records multiple cars if they get the chance, even though they might come to the game or not. They even recorded a certain WRC, but that car had never been in any DiRT games so far. But they already recorded that years ago. But saying it is for "one of their new games" it is quite positive 🙂 You could say the same about this post: https://www.facebook.com/bgmsport/posts/3135725793117279 - Cobra, - M3, - Puma (Kitcar or s1600) - Peugeot 208 R5 Or this for the BMW M8 GTE - https://www.facebook.com/watsonwustudios/posts/10157752907595999 - https://www.facebook.com/watsonwustudios/posts/10157743062255999 Aston Martin Vulcan - https://www.facebook.com/1sttakeactiondrivers/posts/590070394983200
  14. JorritVD

    EA and DiRT Rally - What do we think will happen?

    With EA in the game, Codemasters maybe not need to focus on their own Engine development, but can use an EA engine for their next gen games. So resources can be shifted towards other parts, like physics, cars, etc. Also Codies aquired Slightly Mad Studios, and now with EA in the game, both those companies seem to be quite good in licensing and maybe also have better connections/entries at manufacturers. So that might be positive for future cars in the game. It is quite fearefull though that the big EA takes over our beloved Codemasters. I think because that is the lack of info of what EA would want to do with Codemasters and its games / IPs. As lot of times with these kind of investments or from private equity companies, is that they keep / sell / stop / invest in parts, depening on their potential and risk. Basically i think DiRT Rally and normal DiRT Arcady be kept and be invested in, while a GRID and Project CARS will be reviewed and made a strategy about. Both games are similar and not the best and not really have a clear vision what to be. Btw, another possible positive is that Codies get investments and can bring more beautiful games. A few months ago I showed @PJTierney a game concept which is a spinoff from GRID, like DiRT Rally is a spinoff from DiRT/CMR. Maybe Codies have multiple ideas/concepts/IPs laying around, but due to limited resources, these can't be researched or created.
  15. JorritVD

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Currently focus is on DiRT 5. And still post release content needs to be released. So not expect in the coming months. I think earliest might be in summer or something. We can see when DiRT 5 was announced, this was in early May 2020. This was quite some time after S4 DLC, and also after the FLAT-OUT pack DLC that released in March 2020. The only content after that is the Fiesta R5 MK2. This is part of the World Series and was released September 2020. So my expectation is still that there will still be a DiRT Rally title in 2021. Otherwise the gap imo from DiRT Rally 2.0 from 2019 to DiRT WRC in 2023 is to big, especially with the launch of DiRT5 in November 2020. About any announcement for DR3, it wont be before all the planned DLC for DiRT5 is released. Though reading this "Year 1 Edition players get access to all DIRT 5 content in the 12 months after launch, including a minimum of 12 new cars, 60 new Career events, new player sponsors, rewards, liveries, and more!". This though make things a bit different. if a release in 2021 is still being expected, than an announcement would already need to be made during when D5 content is still being released. If look to releases: DiRT Rally (PS4) - 2015/2016 DiRT 4 (PS4) - 2017 June DiRT Rally 2 (PS4) - 2019 Februari DiRT 5 (PS4) - 2020 November * *One important thing to notice about this, is DR1, D4 and DR2 is made by the DiRT Rally team. While DiRT 5 is made by an other dev team. Also investing 4 years in a WRC title wouldn't make so much sense. I don't know if the ROI would be that great. I think the DR players would also buy both games: DR3 (2021) and DIRT WRC (2023). In that case the ROI would be much greater to release both games. Also DR3 could be a bit more experimental for the WRC focused title. Also another thing to consider, after the release of DR2, not soon after that a part of the team already focused on the next Rally title (and not DiRT arcade, what they though did with D4).