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  1. Thanks to @SRD_SimVansevenant for creating this amazing livery. Hopefully I can use it one day in real life. 🙂 More at: https://www.facebook.com/jvdrx/ or https://www.instagram.com/jvd_rx/ I can use all support 🙂
  2. Quite some nice cars already in it, i hope the physics have been improved. looking forward to the new Dakar game.
  3. new dakar game coming, same developers
  4. real swingman camera 😛 credits to Oli Solberg socials.
  5. New short video 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/jvdrx https://www.instagram.com/jvd_rx/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLU8enmGEeup4ATYfhx-gYg/videos
  6. Yup, a minimum of 14 Kreisel kits have been reserved/sold. It’s not very clear to be honest. But I don’t know if the STARD cars also can compete. as there are a few of those and could boost the grids. Some Fiesta and at least one factory Citroen C3. —— There will be a change, as World RX looks to be split and will be fully electric with RX2e next to it. Probably no other support series as they want to be fully electric, or they are electric. next to it will be a old-skool European Rallycross with ICE engines. So Supercars (RX1), Super1600 (RX3) and possible return of Tour
  7. WRX and Rallycross in general were hit pretty hard of Covid. A switch of promoter and the push/vision of introduce electric by the old promoter also not helped on this moment. WRX is/was the only world championship where no manufacturers are committed to basically (compared to WTCR, F1, WRC, WEC, etc) and also is a bit less professional overall. You can also see that Rallycross and an huge cost increase since the WRX started, while its still young makes things also more insecure. In F1 there are a lot of contracts for multi year. In Rallycross that’s not the case.
  8. Yeah, but that might also be very conflicting. WRX and RX2e are both electric. WRC Rally 1 will be hybrid All others are petrol. I wonder if that has influence on a potential strategy regarding a game.
  9. I have seen the action back on YouTube. The Nitro RX channel has playlists of both days, so it is easy to watch back without waiting. Although it is missing a lot of context therefore, for example why there is no Bennett / Doran etc in the Battle Brackets. Also seeing an LCQ with Larsson, because he got a penalty. Maybe we as closely follow RX missing these details, but maybe these details aren't that important for the target group of NRX. For me the most boring part are the battle brackets even though there were a few good battles/stories (lol that Larsson/Hansen battle). A pro
  10. Well, also an other scenario can happen. As WRC always have been a standalone game, so the next DiRT Rally game will be the actual WRC game in 2023/2024. So basically DiRT Rally + WRC - Rallycross. Then we will get another DiRT game, but with maybe a bigger/realistic implementation of Rallycross (and less boom-boom over the top action). An other option is that there will be an standalone Rallycross. A bit currently the problem is that WRX isn’t the most interesting roster of entries to get in a game (with just 7 permanent entries). So it might be more interesting to not go
  11. The few things that are known: - There are now a DiRT and a DiRT Rally dev team. - The DiRT Rally development team is working on a new project, already when DR2.0 post DLC content. - It is not known what the new project is. Only that there was a kinda confirmation of Codies having the WRC license from '23 and the first game should be in '24 (but as fas as i know codemasters never confirmed this). But it is also not known that there will be a game before that. so 5 years ('19 - '24) between DR2 and the WRC just seems overly to much imo, especilly as D5 was released 1,5 year after th
  12. Basically there was just one line in that hairpin. That time I got to wide and got in the mud. With RX slicks you have basically zero grip. Actually the tyres were the same that I used the previous time on my debut, and at that time they were already used. So not much profile. What I think happened is that I came in a bit to fast on wet gravel. I went wide where there was a much more thicker layer of gravel (inside was more asphalt). At that point I had no steering anymore, and as I was on throttle so the weight goes backwards. When I hid the wall I bounched to the right.
  13. New vlog is online: https://www.facebook.com/jvdrx
  14. Car has been fixed already. Apparently also had a damaged manifold 😮 It looks a bit faster now aswell with a M3 look front bumper 😛
  15. Sunday started well, but not ended not that well with not entering the final. I had a mistake in Q1 that caused damage to the left front. No idea if technical was still ok after some repairs, but i think my confidence hurted a bit aswell and I wasn't on the pace anymore. Also noticed maybe the lack of sleep during the week didnt help also Despite that, i was mega quick in practice and Q1. Being just 3-4 seconds of the pace of the top drivers is quite an achievement on which i'm proud off. Dont forget this is my only second event, and some of the top drivers already drive 10 yea
  16. Car is ready for this weekend: https://www.facebook.com/jvdrx and a photo i found of myself of the previous race 🙂 Photo by https://www.facebook.com/marcel.claessens.5
  17. Its pretty quiet. It’s a stock 325i with small mods. I guess there is no air filter, and also there is no sound demping stuff in the car anymore. Maybe the GoPro mic didn’t help aswell. maybe in next vlog i can show the car a bit more in detail.
  18. #spam Back on track this weekend: https://www.facebook.com/jvdrx/ https://www.instagram.com/jvd_rx/ What you guys thought about my crappy first vlog? 😄 (yes, next will be shorter, better, ...) Thanks @codemasters for giving me inspration
  19. Yeah, they not build new cars anymore. Also at one point you could shift/sell the production license/drawing/etc to an other company. You see that more often with older spec cars. I think that happened for example with the Lancer WRC05. That went to Ralliart europe, than to MML and is now MMR. But for example with the Pajero dakar (went to JMB i think), Corolla WRC (Wevers Sport), etc.
  20. My first vlog is online. Looking back at my debut, including a lot of onboards. https://www.facebook.com/jvdrx
  21. Yeah, I was struggling to find that. But i had the camera for just a few days and not had time to figure it out with all other things on my mind. I found out the function is now called “exposure control” and found where it is. Luckily I can do a bit of adjustments in the editing what makes it a bit better. Bit having mud on a screen not helps 😅
  22. yeah, was sure fun. here an onboard lap: https://fb.watch/8UQbaH90Qg/
  23. yeah, my debut was very positive. was maybe the quickest stock BMW in class? Enjoyed and learned a lot overall http://www.fb.com/jvdrx @Janneman60 car understeered a bit, but that was also a bit my driving style. When i started to drift a bit more, the car came much more alive. Some photos from here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=FocusRaceCarPhotography&set=a.122248640199192 Clip from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q80TRbiOYA8 IMG_5091.MP4
  24. Wow, thanks for sharing. 🙂 🤭
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