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  1. CursedDice

    Which is the best F1 game so far?

    F1 2006. No bugs, working penalties, warm up lap, podiums, trophy room and a career mode. Think it even had a safety car
  2. CursedDice

    do codemasters still make games??

    Based on their F1 titles they weren't doing that great before
  3. I'll crowdfund getting Codemasters out of the industry. Their name has ever been more inaccurate. 
  4. CursedDice

    F1 2015 Game Ideas and Suggestions

    I suggested this idea in another thread. If the Xbox One controller had a speaker, the race engineer's reply could play through there
  5. CursedDice

    F1 community gone quiet

    And yet I can bet there's still no parade lap, no cool down lap to drive to parc ferme, no trophies sequence, no driving to the grid, no on the grid interviews, no grid walk, no position rundown before the race, no jumpstarts, manual starts, no changing strategy mid race by the pit crew or player or even use Kinect to code some player to pit radio voice controls. And bugs going back to the beginning of time are still there. See, I thought of that in five minutes, what's Codemasters' excuse? Mostly bugs and nothing new is why I don't buy or talk about the game anymore. I don't buy any Codemasters game actually. I'm actually back on the forum again because of watching a bug video on YouTube EDIT: Didn't even know these forums existed, because the last I heard, they closed
  6. CursedDice

    F1 community gone quiet

    I gave up with Codemasters ages ago. Their games have so many, many bugs that they don't bother to fix. 2013 seemed fine though, but I barely played for two reasons, by that time I was bored of the game franchise (2010 and 2011 were pretty much the same as 2013. Remember 2010 was broken and 2011 was a lot better) and secondly hardly anyone online. I don't buy Codemasters Racing games anymore, because if YouTube is anything to go by the game is still bugged and broken, some of these bugs going back as far as 2011 EDIT: And I'm playing Driveclub these days. Awesome online, don't think I've found one bug yet, but the AI is so bad