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  1. OsmeroNetto

    Codies Weekly Update 30-01-15 | Codemasters Blog

    Hi, CM said F1 2015 would be realease on the star of the new season, when can we expect to see some gameplay and release date? TY
  2. OsmeroNetto

    F1 2015 Game Ideas and Suggestions

    I believe that Codemasters could take advantage and bring GP3 and GP2 plus a career mode on the same basis as Fifa( I know, weird to compare).  But let's see, on Fifa you got manager and player carrer. Imagine two options like, one you start very young on GP3, then with a good performance you jump to GP2 and then F1. But in case you do a stunning season on GP3 you could get a position straight on F1, or an amazing season on GP2 could get you to a middle or big team on F1. Also the second option could be a career mode where you should build your own team, find sponsors  among those that already are on F1 for rights purpose and then you should hire your team depending of the budget you got ( designer, engineers, head of the team on the race, drivers, where you could use yourself as a driver and a team mate, etc). Basically, you get a car accordingly the money you spend, better desingner means better chassis, better engeneers means better engine and response of the car on track, better drivers means better performances on track. Well, I would enjoy it a lot. And pleaseeee, podium and no more celebration with helmets on. please.