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  1. Hi Ecr90, Right now everything is fine! I was able to download "Drag Pack" in the morning. So now all issues are solved for me and for other users as well. Thank you for your hints and comments. Now - let's play GRID :smiley:
  2. Hi there, Yes, I can confirm that the Sprint Pack is downloading now correctly. Unfortunately there is still a problem with the Drag Pack. Nevertheless, one issue is finally solved. Thanks.
  3. Do You still support this game? Or is this forum already dead? If You still sell this game and add-ons I would assume that You are responsible for your product and support in case of problems. Downloading DLCs for GRID Autosport on XBOX 360 is a complete mess and crap. Fix this please.
  4. Codemasters, fix this GRID Autosport DLC problem once and for all. I'm not able to download for weeks "Sprint Pack" and right now also "Drag Pack" is broken down for me. I paid for both of them and I'm not able to play my game with those additions. This is very, very annoying...
  5. Hi again, Can you please finally fix with Microsoft or by your own this annoying issues with DLC's for your game? I'm still (after couple of weeks) not able to download Sprint Pack, although my money was taken. Besides that I'm not able right now to re-download Drag Pack (I deleted the whole game and all DLC's to check the fresh install of the game). Still nothing changed and additionally I lost my other DLC. This is really very, very disappointing that after such a long time still there are a lot of people having issues with GRID Autosport and additional content. Do something about it. Microsoft support is currently useless in solving this topic.
  6. I have a huge problem with the "Sprint Pack" DLC. It fails to download although it is ticked as purchased and downloaded. I tried to re-download it many times but get the same "failed to download" error. It doesn't matter if I try to download it from the game itself or from the Marketplace. I tried also other solutions proposed by Microsoft support but without any success - deleting cache several times, deleting profile, deleting game and save, trying to download to the USB (I get errors all the time) and so on. I think that the problem is either on MS or Codemasters side with this DLC. I was able to download all other DLCs without ANY problem (British, Coupe, Drag, Touring, Black Edition, Road), so it isn't a problem with my XBOX console. The money has been taken but the DLC cannot be downloaded. This is the only DLC I have a problem with so far. There are also other people reporting this problem on XBOX Support forum lately. Can you please take a look at this issue from your side Codemasters?