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  1. Two days ago I was looking at some wallpapers and games I realized this.
  2. i love Lancer in real life. But never use in games because( almost) always the volande is the right side and I hate. 
  3.  [OFF. IGNORE] my comments box there seems to be a bug, a draft that never get out of there. I'm sending this to see if it comes out.
  4. also I am Brazilian and unfortunately the media here just see only F1 as motoring. Never speak of rally, that's sad. (talk at one time or another, as for example how Tanak drowned Fiesta in Mexico and when Neuville almost collided with a tractor in testing (and people did not know if wants what is WRC. many said it was combined and marketing blow))
  5. without forgetting the flamethrower
  6. Lol, like me, he is Brazilian and I understood everything he said. Apparently he does not understand anything rally games, talking all the time "this game is very hard" in my opinion is that he can not drive.
  7. changed only the steering wheel buttons and little in the wheel of the model. The rest seem identical (especially the pedals). What discourages me because since 2007 (G25) is still the same model. The evolution of Logitech looks like it's just add some buttons and update the support ... I hope they really change something substantial inside because outside it seems to me the same.
  8. I have to agree , the focus at the moment is rally , rallycross and hilclimb .. The inclusion of a new category as large as the Dakar would result in much time spent .. Maybe in a new game.
  9. Pelo que eu vi na linha do tempo sobre o DiRT local, já está confirmado o rali de; Alemanha; -Finlândia; -Suécia (Talvez); [Agora no jogo]: -Monte Carlo; Grécia; -Wales; Isto é grande porque eles são muito diferentes uns dos outros, e que traz uma grande variedade.   DESEJOS .: * Passos: -Nova Zelândia; -Polônia; -Portugal; -Argentina;   * Categoria: -Raid / DAKAR; (EDIT:in a future game who knows. The focus is that the categories already confirmed .)   * Carros: -Lancer Evo WRC 05; -206 WRC
  10. Exactly what I was thinking .. Me I directed the Forums new to say this, but you had said.The cars need more power, top speed and torque. Leave too slow tight turns, lack of rush  / power / torque ...
  11. [DUBBING IN PORTUGUESE]  What would be a rally driver without his co-pilot? That's how we Brazilians, Lusitanian etc. we feel playing rally games without dubbing in our native tongue, for the vast majority does not dominate more than one language (Portuguese). We have to 'guess' the curves that lies ahead, and if we want to make a good time on stage, we need to run it several times to decorate.  Great game franchises have already adopted the dubbing in Portuguese (The Last of Us, Halo, Far Cry, Destiny, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Assassin's Creed, Foza, Gran Turismo ... Codemasters g
  12. My only wish now is to be CONFIRMED the console version.
  13. [OFF] Facebook DiRT is off the air?
  14. Already '' leaked '' a trailer. If they already have it done, I don't understand why they have not yet published. (It was a common user who posted) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_huY9tEUnk
  15. WorldRX more than confirmed. My distant dream is WRC, WRX and DAKAR graduates in a single game DiRT ... Meanwhile BigBen WRC license and do not know enjoy it , hiring cheap developers who end up with a poor final product. A WRC license in the trash.
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