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  1. Hatta said:
    @Hatta forgetting about the leaked 'screenshots' for a second...
    can you comment on the leaked text attatched to them explaining how the game will be shipped incomplete and require an update?
    if that's true then I will not buy the game!
    its quite frankly DISGUSTING for a company to to intentionally sell an unfinished game that requires an update after purchase.
    the game is called F1 2015, yet is shipped with 2014 cars... And requires an update to actually get all the 2015 cars!! 
    What you're actually selling the consumer is F1 2014 again... And later adding 2015 DLC.
    thats not right...
    It's another kick in the teeth to the little fan base that's actually left for this game!
    2 years of development and you're telling us it's still not finished... But take our money anyway! A bit of DLC will patch the game up!
    It'll ship with both years. 
    So @Hatta  is the 2015 hybrid cars like the sauber in the leaked photos (2014 cars with 2015 front nose & livery) just for development purposes to test the game and promoting the game in screenshots etc? And that these 50-50 cars wont actually ship with the final game? 

  2. Tourgott said:
    Sector4 said:
    So it will be released in May (or even before). Cool. Those low-quality scans didn't blow my mind so I'll wait and see. Hopefully they'll have classic DLC after the release. 
    They're talking about 3 months of development time. That means it will be handed over to the publisher around May. Before we see it in stores then, we are talking about July perhaps...
    Games are in stores about 1 or 2 weeks after they went gold. Therefore 31st of May could be a realistic launch date since Dirt/Grid had the same launch date in the past.
    In the email/newsletter it actually says 'to help us push through to release over the next 3 months'. So that would mean only 1 - 2 months of development left allowing time gor it to be distributed etc 

    that would mean we could be seeing it in stores sometime in may i would guess

  3. i believe the game will be released with 2014 cars and cars that look like the 2015 cars (Using teams 2015 livery and front nose) but will actually be 2014 cars under the skin. This will be updated to full 2015 cars by a digital download i think.

    They also state that the game is currently at 45-55 frames per seconds at full 1920x1080 on the PS4 with 3 months of development still to go it will only improve!