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  1. Been through everything I can followed the instructions as best as I can took game of re enstaled cold reboot safe start I'm struggling
  2. After trying to sort out why I had no access to timetrial just stopped working I tried and tried but could not get any where so a I reset my PlayStation to default and re loaded the game now it stuck on 47 % download and I have no multi payer no time trials or story mode this is a disaster sorry in advance if you think my moan is in wrong place
  3. What do I need to do to get that for you
  4. But do you have time trials and on multilayer my settings are all to balls saying I'm French and my driver number is 99 I played this game for god knows how many years never missed a year and never have I had so many problems
  5. Plus on multi player my nationality and racing number are wrong can't change plus it keeps saying I got ma even after I opened and read about driver stats about 20 times for gods sake what's going on
  6. When I first had the game I could use time trial now when I try to start time trial it give me a message game or app failure then goes to this pic and then to report issue screen I have reported it 30 times at least , I even tried uninstall the game and re install still no time trial pls codemasters can you sort this out it spoiling my enjoyment ,we pay a lot of money for the game and for it to fall short I even purchased pack that was an extra 20 pounds this is realy annoying
  7. This is exactly what is happening to me as well
  8. Still not working after coldre boot
  9. Still not working can't use getting fed up tbh paid for game that dose not work reported God knows how many time what for I don't know pls help
  10. About a week sorry if I'm in the wrong thread
  11. I play on ps5 and I'm fed up and doing my head in help would be great full from codemaster
  12. I'm struggling to sort this out not very good at find what's right but here is a pic of screen have reported it quit a few times and seems to be to no avail I'm a little bit annoyed it's a lot of money for a game that's not working fully I have been playing f1 games for ever lol help would be appreciated pls
  13. My time trial has stopped working will not let me access it in f1 or f2 modes it's saying game or app fail this is a bit annoying tbh I play everyday and use time trial regularly pls any help would be great thanks 😊
  14. It's just saying game or app error have reported it about half a dozen time think I need help
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