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  1. It's one of those things that pop into my head every now and again ps5 sounds good but will thf1 2020 be compatible to play on the system or will I keep from buying the ps5 till the following year
  2. miket24

    Welsh players

    No mate no disappointment , tbh was just trying to find out if any racers that live in wals have been playing f1 games since 94 ish at 49 year old I thought if there was any Welsh playing that could do practice set ups different strategies no problem mate no disappointment
  3. Why since this up date when driving you can't look backwards if you have MDF screen open ? This is annoying as ***
  4. miket24

    Welsh players

    84 views no reply lol
  5. miket24

    Welsh players

    I'm welsh and dont seem to see many other welsh drivers online if any are interested in getting in touch pls do .statted to feel like nobody else in wales likes f1 as much as me
  6. miket24

    Playing the game ?

    I play f1 2018 daily .I'm not the fastest like to try and be fair but ranked or unranked I keep meeting idiots .the penaltys end up with you get a penalty for some one hitting you ? I end up playing collisions of on line which is ok but not what I want .if anyone want to race pls send me a invite or friend request .by the way I'm looking forward to f1 2019 my pre order been in for a while