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  1. ojhowells

    F2 2021

    Hi @BarryBL before the last patch Boschung would spin in most races that I do now after the last patch it’s seems like it is Zhou that appears to spin in the few races that I have done since the patch. Also is there any chance that alternative strategies can be added to the feature races? Thanks
  2. ojhowells

    F2 2021

    When ever I do an f2 race weekend in the 2021 cars does anyone else have Boschung spinning in a lot of races or is that just me? I’m on PS4
  3. ojhowells

    F2 2021

    Does anybody know if there are any updates like alternative strategies happening for f2 or not in future patches?
  4. Hi @BarryBLwill there been more space made so that we can do maybe say completing the F1 championship along side the f2 championship on Grand Prix mode instead of having to choose one or the other thanks
  5. ojhowells

    F2 2021

    In my view there is a lot that needs changing for F2 some are big things and some small and to be honest this should of been done at least 2 years ago. The first thing is that we should be allowed to change the fuel loads for practice and qualifying otherwise you can only do 1 lap and along with qualifying we should be able to use 2 sets of softer tyres like they do in real life. The tyre choices are wrong for 3 races. Bahrain Jedda and Abu Dhabi Now that the season is over surely the order of the cars can be adjusted so it mirrors the real championship order. and try to make a
  6. Again there is no alternative strategies for F2 feature races. This is annoying as I know mixed strategies have been asked for on this forum for at least the last 3 years and every time the current F2 cars get added and each time we get ignored and basically the F2 mode is the same as the 2018 season which was added back for the 2019 game. I know this has also been said but the positions of the drivers need changing to reflect the real season. Also the tyre choice for Saudi Arabia are wrong. @BarryBL Can anything be sorted out about these points please
  7. Is there any chance @BarryBLof turning the percentage of rain down in career mode I was doing a 100% race career mode and every race bar 2 up to round 13 have race had and usually in qualifying as well.
  8. I would love to have championship mode back as then you can do an f2 season alongside the f1 season now you can only do one or the other and hopefully changes have been made to make f2 better but I think it will be exactly the same but with the 2021 cars
  9. I think there needs to be more time where if it's a wet to dry race you can gamble on put slicks on earlier and then the lap time is similar to inters not if you go 1 lap longer on inters you lose 10 seconds or so to the rest of the field
  10. ojhowells

    F2 2021

    I think it would be good for when f2 cars arrive if for qualifying we can use both sets of soft tyres instead of skipping half the session just to get to the end I would like to see the ai actually be able to overtake each other instead of just following each other and a massive thing I would like is alternative strategies as that will encourage people to actually keep racing the f2 cars otherwise they will race them for a week then never again. Finally will there be a stand alone mode to race the f2 cars in the championship like previous years game or will it be on Grand prix mode
  11. From a wet to dry race or switching from dries to wets there needs to be more of a period then that magic one lap if your teammate is just in front of you so you have to do the extra lap on the wrong tyre then you can lose 10 seconds so there needs to be more of a crossover period where you can gamble and not lose time for example in the wet to dry imola race this the first car to put dries on did it on lap 20 and the last car to switch was lap 28 so a big lap difference not everyone did it on the same lap
  12. I do tend to run a lot of downforce as I find it's better for me and in grand prix mode I usually drive as a Mclaren or red bull
  13. The ers assist is off some tracks the battery does charge up but others like imola the battery in race conditions doesn't charge and just drains
  14. I'm just did a 100% around imola as perez a wet to dry race (dry by half distance) and without using overtake the battery (when it went dry) went down to 10% in about 15 laps and there was no way to get it any higher
  15. Hi I'm just racing on Grand prix mode quick races so I can't do any upgrades.
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