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  1. Hi codemasters and @BarryBL Will mixed strategies for the Ai finally be introduced with a future patch or as this a big part of why F2 produces great racing during the feature race being ignored again ever since f2 has been added to the series I have asked for this small change to be added which will add a lot to replay ability and make the races good instead of everybody doing the same thing. Thanks
  2. I'm really enjoying f1 2021 so far but there does seem to be a lack of offline modes in my view and I enjoyed be able to drive through a whole season on championship mode and racing the f1 and the f2 side at the same time but it seems like I cannot do that on this years game. It would be good if we could have 2 slots on Grand Prix mode that can allow us to maybe do an f1 weekend and an f2 weekend at the same time. Speaking of f2 things don't look to have changed much from the previous game as still there are no split strategies for the feature race so which I know I have been asking f
  3. Hi @BarryBLfor the new game will there be mixed strategies for the f2 feature races so cars will start on both tyre compounds and will tracks like Spain be updated so they use the new turn 10 Thanks
  4. Hi codemasters is there any chance of having the outer circuit to race on f1 2021 instead of the short circuit that is currently on the game. The outer track was actually a track and produced a great race and I'm sure people would rather race on that track and not on the short circuit and I don't race that track but I would race on the outer layout if that was on the game
  5. F2 improvements Hi here are some improvements that I think will help make the F2 sections of the game a bit better. First of all allow us to use both sets of soft tyres in qualifying like they do in real life F2 otherwise the first 15/20 minutes of the qualifying sessions are pointless The second point is to adjust the AI to stop the Drs trains where the pack just follow each other and then they don't overtake each other, maybe the AI need to be spread out in pace and then the faster car could overtake A third point is not having the cars pitting on the same lap as they all
  6. Hi I found this from Hungary feature race yesterday and this is a feature race with mixed strategies and I would like to know @BarryBL please if this can be replicated for every feature race like in real life or is it like this because there is rain approaching. So is it possible for this to happen for every feature race and does it take a lot for developers to add coding to make AI start on different tyre compounds? I play on PS4. I love watching F2 and a big part for my enjoyment is seeing how the strategies play out towards the end and if a safety car mixes up the races and having mix
  7. Hi @BarryBL With f2 drivers being updated soon will it be possible to have mixed feature race strategies to keep F2 fresh and interesting as I found after a year of 2019 cars it got very repetitive. Does it take a lot to change to coding to get some cars to start on different compounds for the feature races? Thanks
  8. Hi @BarryBL will the 2019 F2 drivers be adjusted because the top 4 from that championship DeVries Latifi Sette Camara and Ghiotto are usually racing towards the back of the grid and not for race wins like they were? Thanks
  9. I believe all the other tracks have the correct compounds just Austria is wrong Also the compounds for 2019 Spain are wrong @BarryBL
  10. Hi all and @BarryBL at Austria this season soft and hard tyres were used whereas in the game they have supersoft and soft even in the second Austria race they used medium and hard and can we please have mixed up strategies for the feature race please as it 100% adds to replay value otherwise the new F2 cars will be boring after a month or so having mixed strategies adds unpredictably even if it's only a couple of cars who go off sequence
  11. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. Missing items from Bahrain like DRS braking boards and start lights Platform PS4 What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) version 1.14 Game-mode? F2 2020 championship mode We need to be able to make your problem happen internally so we can fix the issue. Can you make the problem happen again? yes went to grand prix and same thing happened Any screenshots or video of the issue? below
  12. Will the 2020 season update be out this year and I guess the calendar will be the original calendar. I have some suggestions to the F2 side of the game for qualifying please let us use both sets of the softer tyre instead of letting us do one lap then basically that it is for qualifying. The other big thing I have in mind is let strategy play a part in the feature races by adding the alternative strategy which is using the harder tyre then using the soft tyre instead of the other way around like it is on the game Also @BarryBL the tyre compounds for Spain on the 2019 season are stil
  13. Would it be cool if there was a tyre editor when we can change the tyre life and delta between each compound so an example is that the user can replicate either a 1 stop race like the British GP or go aggressive and make the soft tyre wear out super quick and having to manage and use the medium and hard tyre like the 70 th anniversary GP which used a compound softer then the week before race. The game has it that Silverstone is easy on tyre and is a race one race form the soft tyre to the medium tyre whereas we know that Silverstone is very hard on the tyres which is why there were punctures d
  14. If you want a real life race to look at look at today's GP as even though it didnt rain off line stayed wet all throughout the race instead of going straight from wet to dry in the space of a couple of laps like it does on the f1 game
  15. Just an example just an example of this Singapore 50% race ps4 started on inters lap 4 wet track by the start of lap 5 the track was bone dry including off line very unrealistic
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