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  1. please add:
    Interface and navigating :
    -Mouse support:navigate the game using mouse
    -better interface for setup,
    instead of the game telling to press  key 1 2 or 3 or 4 and so on we should be able to see the assigned key.
    car set ups:
    -remove the silly slot system,we should be able to save as many setups as we want.
    -add a new  full screen set up system where you see every thing instead on menus insdie menus inside menus,
    this in enoying,and takes unnessesary time, i don't want a pc game to be as it was made for console only.i like how isi have done it with rfactor 2.
    -Setup sharing

    in car camera pov: currently there is a modder making good fov mod. it actually makes the game  playable on my 1080p monitor
    please add position adjsutment like asetto corsa has, asetto corsa currently have hte best solution, so you can adjust it seperatly for every car, not just fov but up down.

    the wheel animation needs to be how the car is set up to, not only 180 degrees,thats just silly, and we should have a option to remove the steerign wheel.
    i am sure every one would love to have psd tempaltes to add skins to the game and be able to use them in multiplayer, and so peopel can see them,this woudl be nice so if you are in a team you can have your team livery,nice when driving in legues.

  2. Well, I think superb so far. This is really what I've been waiting for since CMR 1 on PSX and RBR on PC. Thrilled to see it guys! However I really think you should be looking to compete even further with RBR. That game is brutally unforgiving, and this game is just a tad easier. Don't be afraid to give us a challenge guys!

    Also a few comments on stuff that isn't really there yet, but what I would like to see nonetheless:

    2. If you're going to have separate events (rally cross dakar gymkhana (again please no) etc), can you split them into their own career modes. I didn't finish a lot of the dirt games past a certain point because I ignored those silly gymkhana events, and was gimped from progressing by a game mode I hate.
    3. Comprehensive engine damage; cracked cylinders, snapping belts, sheared mounts/ anything that might come from you not spending enough time on repairs/mechanics.
    4. 400 degree steering animation? Kind of looks a bit arcadey that the cockpit driver only steers on a 180 axis. 

    gymgkana as dead in dirt 3 only soem activity in the early days.
    i assume this game will be rally only,or atleast offroad only.
    dirt 3 had rallycross but there was no qualifying that was bad.
    try to make better ai in this game ai in dirt 3 were agressive and some times mentally ill trying to kill them selfs. 
    ddirt 2 multiplayer is dead too.

  3. mabye it already does ahev ot i dotn know not tried the early acsess yet.
    but here are soem of my suggestions and i agree with your suggetions.
    ability to removoe hands
    multiple controller support like buttonboxes,shifters,handbrakes, connected at the same time
    ability to use both sequential shifter and h shifter withotu changing the settings,
    multiview for triple screen so you the view o nthe sides will no be weird
    seen a vid on youtube saying it does nto ahve clutch,please add that no sim without it.
    let us make skisn for the game,give us tempaltes,make it poossible for others to see the skisn in multiplayer.