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  1. Not bad mixed reviews but don't think it's in same league as Steel.Series
  2. Brettnz1970


    Looking for recommendations on Headsets for Sim Racing .Looking at Steel Series Pro but open to other suggestions
  3. attached is the usbview of all the usb devices on my computer and thrustmaster CP.
  4. Platform Pc Ts Pc Racer No Ffb I have to unplug USB from Pc then plug back in for Wheel to work. Very frustrating
  5. Why doesn't this Forum have a Wheel Setting Part to it .I've been on this forum many years . Spent past few hours using the search bar to try and find a decent Setting for Thrustmaster on Pc . Anyway my only complaint love the game apart from Thrustmaster Feedback
  6. Hi looking for good Setting for my Ts Pc Racer on Pc .Thank-you
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