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  1. Bummer. Was so hoping this issue and the one where it looses the wheel range setting were fixed by now. Guess back to iRacing for now...
  2. V-Sync does solve the problem with the G27 but now I get weird graphic bars that move slowly from bottom to top. This always happens when I load the game and occasionaly during races as well. 
  3. Unfortunately no. I have never seen a game whose multiplayer is compatibel across versions.
  4. Thanks Wildcat!! That was it exactly. 
  5. I suddenly have problems with DRS. When I engage it, it turns off by itself almost immediately. I tried setting it to a different button on my wheel and even putting it on the space bar of my keyboard but same. Anybody know why?
  6. Yeah, Geoff Crammond had a great product. I read an interview with him a couple years back where he talked about that he wanted to do another F1 game but I guess it never materialized.
  7. My Logitech Momo FFB wheel seems to be hitting the left and right steering limit in tight corners. Does anybody know where I can adjust this either in-game or with the Logitech Profiler app?
  8. Yep, I was talking about the DRS button. Sorry about the confusion.
  9. johnbe2

    Gearbox setup?

    Cool. Wasn't aware of  that! Thanks...
  10. I like ot play with all assists off and initially I found it very hard to accelerate out of a corner. Even in 4th gear I would have to press on the gas very lightly so my rear wouldn't pass me up. But suddenly since yesterday I can accelerate all I want out of corners without the slightest wheel spin even though assists are off. What gives? I am on PC using a Logitech Momo FF wheel.
  11. johnbe2

    Gearbox setup?

    Has the Gearbox setup page that existed in F1 2013 been removed in F1 2014? 
  12. I think the ERS energy recovers whenever a car brakes. Instead of just disipating in the form of heat, the energy is diverted to batteries. On the game UI you can see the green ERS symbol light up (at least in the view I am using). When I engage the ERS button on, that light starts to blink when engaged and it goes dark green when the energy is depleted.
  13. Green dots a DRS zones. And activation points. Moving dots are other cars.. and what is that green triple circle for?
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