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  1. Slane

    F1 2015 Game Ideas and Suggestions

    That used to happen in F1 2010 or 2011 , however that is another option that got removed from the series. 
  2. Slane

    Can F1 2015 be close to Project Cars

    I agree Pcars is amazing and can't see me forking out for F1 while I have this. However Pcars not bug free and that brake sound bug when using a headset is annoying. Not letting that put me off and be interesting to see how long slightly mad take to fix it. 
  3. Slane

    Can F1 2015 be close to Project Cars

    But at least pcars is going to give league racers and organisers way more options to use for online than any of the f1 titles have. Yes I know codies haven't given any info on online yet, but my guess is it certainly won't be as in depth as pcars. 
  4. Yes,  I may very well be interested. 
  5. Slane


    If your on about after online races,  there is no option of replays.
  6. Slane

    F1 community gone quiet

    Grid autosport is a good game however its what grid 2 should have been. 
  7. Amazing job is a bit overated as still basic things missing from a racing game. Take the mirrors for example, yes I know they are adding them but to leave them out in the first place doesn't constitute it being an amazing job. However I am enjoying GAS and have already played it more than GRID 2. The most annoying thing about GAS is it should have been GRID 2 so in effect I've spent £70 on getting the game I was expecting last year. I haven't came across the save corrupt file issue thankfully,  but if I had I wouldn't be best pleased either.  Yes I hear you saying you can save to the cloud etc etc but alot of people didn't know that at the beginning as you don't expect it to be in a new game.  
  8. Looking forward to episode 17 :smile: 
  9. Great to see this series back, long may it continue.
  10. Slane

    New tracks on the way

    Well if it's to pay for forget it I'm not interested. 
  11. Slane

    Grid Autosport League/Club Xbox 360

    Or you could do one which covers all disciplines throughout the season. 
  12. Slane

    Grid Autosport League/Club Xbox 360

    Voted open wheel but wouldn't mind touring either. 
  13. Slane

    MSA TORA Demolition Derby - Win Prizes from Codemasters!

    Signed up to your forums, and will be registering for this.
  14. Slane

    Double XP weekends

    They do it for other multi-player games so why not.