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  1. So I enter online and I've got my VW in the garage. I can participate in the challenges. I can enter my own party however once Im in my party I try to enter a quick game on custom cup and it very quickly tells me there are no games would I like to start a new one. I can't find any way to get into a online game. am I missing something or genuine problem. Cheers.
  2. Yeah, any reset ruins it for me, too. And speaking of spectator noise, how about a some different types of non-vehicle AI? Like different types of spectators, spectators doing different things, larger groups on iconic marks that are included in some stages, but don't push it as far as naked people running in the snow. Also, how about some wildlife? some cows, bull, oxen?, and other creatures depending on the country/track. they are among the dangers rally drivers face. And, some non-racing transport e.g. random bike/quadbike, horse-riders etc. If you're the first car on the road, you c
  3. Agree with the majority on here of basically a better simulation of rallying. Longer and narrower stages is a must for me, watch clips of rally Portugal and Mexico the stages are so tight and twisty its a real challenge. Another must is to not reset 5 metres off the track, personally any reset ruins it for me, I want to take a wrong turn at a junction and have to be able to make my own way back. Finally Spectators hear them from inside the car, however don't make a mistake of putting them straight on at a 90 degree bend, that would never be allowed in real life! Other then that just make it as
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