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  1. JensonBottom

    Ai Track Awareness (Qualifying)

    Yeah the only 'solution' is to try and figure out when all the AI tend to all come out the pits and workaround avoiding them. Is extremely annoying, especially as there's no consequence like in real life.
  2. JensonBottom

    2019 lap times v previous years

    The tracks aren't laser scanned so its impossible to tell whether the times are because of the tracks being not accurate or whether the cars are just too slow.
  3. JensonBottom

    Ai Track Awareness (Qualifying)

    This has been a problem since F1 2010 so I wouldn't bet on it ever being fixed.
  4. In real life drivers can see the mirrors in their periphal vision. If anything we are at a disadvantage compared to them when it comes to visibility behind when using cockpit camera and a virtual mirror would help rectify this.