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  1. Vandoorne had 2 years to impress and progress and he's just gone backwards. People talk about how its Mclaren's fault not giving him the car but plenty of rookies have started off with poor cars and haven't shown such underwhelming form. Yes Alonso is one of the best drivers on the grid but he's not a god, you'd expect Vandoorne to at least manage to outqualify him once or twice over a whole season.
  2. James Allen posted an interesting snippet of information on his latest post regarding Hulkenberg:

    "Detailed analysis of his on track performance data by the engineers, which Williams management will be studying now, as all the teams do, shows that while he has his moments of magic, he’s not at the level of a Bottas or a Ricciardo."

    If that's true its pretty damning for Hulk.

    Link: http://www.jamesallenonf1.com/2015/07/f1-driver-market-on-starting-blocks-with-latest-bottas-development-in-italy/

  3. The Dream Pack DLC is 10 cars and one track. For £10.99 that to me is an insanely good deal especially as its a laser scanned Nordschleife and the cars offered are pretty damn cool too. Just think how much that pack would cost on iRacing.
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