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  1. Yes I saw you say in F1 terms the first time. Considering the medical alarms in cars are set off at 15g as you mention, it was far from mild. Take Perez's and Massa's crash in Canada, that was 27g and definitely not mild. But that just shows that no incidents are the same (obviously). There have been far worse apparent incidents in the past e.g. Webber, Valencia 2010, that turn out to be insignificant whilst there have been incidents that don't look life threatening yet were e.g. Senna. So perhaps there is more that meets the eye in how hurt. Alternatively, McLaren could just be playing it s
  2. Ah! But his new breathing patterns whilst driving will earn back that deficit.
  3. Pff Mclaren are sandbagging. Wait till Melbourne.
  4. I prefer the 2014 Merc in my opinion.
  5. You could spend your free time making their life as difficult as possible as a moderator. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :smiley: 
  6. Congratulations new mods :stuck_out_tongue:.
  7. Its time for that yearly routine of throwing up when the cars are revealed..
  8. I watched Watchdogs and one of their tips for haggling was to not accept the first price given. I sat there like:
  9. At the moment my favourite is the Ruf Yellowbird. One of the easiest cars I find to slide about and catch it! Although the Lotus 2-11 GT4 is pretty close to being my favourite too.
  10. I'd be up for an AC hotlap challenge though yeah, I think there's only a few of us here who has the game.
  11. @RevolvingPrawn‌ Sorry to burst your bubble but the URL of the image even says Malaysia turn 4. :stuck_out_tongue: 
  12. I'm not sure you should because of his refusal to accept its turn 4. :stuck_out_tongue: 
  13. That's Sepang turn 4 I would of thought?
  14. But that would mean Maldonado would be closer to the front and I'm not so comfortable with that.
  15. Wait what, is that aimed at me? All I said was it seems a bit weird to post that you have constipation on the internet. :L
  16. I really don't think that is something you should be sharing on the internet..
  17. The Falklands had a population of 1,820 at the time of the outbreak of the war. A total of 910 people died (including soldiers and civilians) and 2,432 people were injured. And then you have all the military equipment destroyed. Either way the war was stupid.
  18. Purchased this War of Mine at 25% off on a daily deal. Looks pretty engaging to play judging by TotalBiscuits' W T F video on it.
  19. I don't care too much about the issue but this quote caught my attention. Firstly, didn't Argentina start the war? And second, couldn't Argentina have avoided the war and deaths too, being you know, one of the sides fighting too.. I believe this image represents them fairly well:
  20. Downloading the update right now as I type this!
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