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  1. Twitter is a great laugh tonight. So many salty people about the result. :wink: 
  2. So that image is from about a year ago?
  3. Nice thread revival. :smiley: I too regularly change my desktop background. Perhaps once a month.
  4. Isn't that the case with every driver, unless they're some kind of magical wizard. :stuck_out_tongue: 
  5. Scum is a tad strong. :stuck_out_tongue: 
  6. I am so pissed off over that. Make up your stupid mind Mclaren, ugh.
  7. I'm followed by a fake Alex Salmond account so yeahhh. Although looking at the accounts he follows, I suspect its someone who uses this forum. :stuck_out_tongue: 
  8. The practical test is easy as long as you don't brain fart and do something stupid. :)
  9. Admittedly I'm not really a fan of the Marlboro livery, I find the actual colour scheme is really dull when you ignore the historic importance of it. I preferred their West livery. Though an F1 car in bright orange will always top everything. B) Please don't kill me.
  10. tbh most commentators do when something exciting is happening even the best commentators do. They do and its highly frustrating. We can see something exciting is happening, we don't need the commentator shoving it down our throats. Its why I thought the Brundle/Coulthard team in 2011 was excellent. Even when they got excited and it was notable in their tone they weren't shouting at us.
  11. The one thing that annoys me about Crofty is he starts to shout at you when something happens on the track.
  12. Fernando looks as though he realised what a terrible decision he's made.
  13. Reminds me of the time when Hamilton thought Button unfollowed him. :stuck_out_tongue: 
  14. you think it's bad supporting Lewis ? It's been 8 years since Alonso won a WDC. 8 YEARS !!!!  :( That's the last time a driver I support won a world championship. Oh my sweet child of summer, try supporting Massa, its brings a tear to my eye everytime I think of 2008 and the accident an such :'( Try supporting Chilton. He was showing such potential to win a championship and then Marussia folded. :(
  15. I shall be. I've been eying up Bottas as my replacement but will still follow Button wherever he is and will remain my favourite driver no matter what. Either way its been a massive own goal for Mclaren whatever the outcome.
  16. Doubt it, its been well known the license has prevented driver team swaps.
  17. My plan is to leave for a Scandinavian country as soon as possible if they come into power. :stuck_out_tongue: 
  18. I know what happened. OneTwoThree leaked the nudes that get sent to you once you pass 6,000 posts or whatever it was ages ago. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: 
  19. Which will come first. The race or Mclaren's 2015 driver lineup. :L
  20. If Rosberg wins the championship the FIA will use their trump card and disqualify Rosberg from the Monaco result.
  21. Mclaren must be one of the worst teams when it comes to strategy decisions. They could of easily got Button in front of Massa but then they decided to wait 2 laps which cost him at least a shot at the podium. :neutral_face: 
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