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  1. You need to reconsider your thoughts if you find it annoying that someone dislikes your post on an internet forum that has no impact on your life. Its a nice feature to save time having to write a long winded response when you can't be bothered. We're not changing legislation or anything.
  2. Too bad everything went his way from 2010 onwards lol.
  3. Took a mighty overtake by Ricciardo to get pass.
  4. Hamilton had no brakes, it was impossible for him.
  5. Loving Assetto Corsa too. I recommend the Nordschleife track mod by Snoopy if you haven't downloaded it yet. Most modded tracks so far are terrible however this one is very good IMO.
  6. And by the smallest of margins too. ;) Race is looking good with Hamilton looking for a way pass Rosberg!
  7. I doubt the Mercedes have given the full welly yet whereas Vettel perhaps has since he was taking the quicker, qualifying line on the pit straight iirc on his lap.
  8. Looks terrible to me. The car is far too unrealistically quick unless everyone is faster then Ayrton Senna of course.
  9. Good grief. EA are being nice and giving BF3 out for free on origin! :O https://www.origin.com/en-gb/store/free-games/on-the-house
  10. That looks more than enough alongside.
  11. You mean Daniel Ricciardo's first title? ;) :p
  12. I dunno, at least they can keep within the 107% rule. There have been a few teams that never could. I think there was a team called Mastercard Lola that was super slow or something.
  13. Turns out that in Bahrain, Rosberg also went against orders and turned up the engine mode. Seems Hamilton was only repaying the favour in Spain. EDIT: Oops, posted this in the wrong thread but f1since08 beat me there anyway. :p
  14. Its fairly obvious they're not friends. The whole time everyone has been saying they won't be friends because of fighting for the WDC so its no surprise Hamilton said that. Its about time they stopped trying to pretend to be happy, cuddly mates.
  15. I'm not sure how telemetry would prove what his intentions were but whatever lol.
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