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  1. You need to reconsider your thoughts if you find it annoying that someone dislikes your post on an internet forum that has no impact on your life. Its a nice feature to save time having to write a long winded response when you can't be bothered. We're not changing legislation or anything.
  2. Platy said:
    I have hope that Assetto Corsa becomes a really good online racing game. There's a long way for it to go though but the actual driving/racing part is great.
    Loving Assetto Corsa too. I recommend the Nordschleife track mod by Snoopy if you haven't downloaded it yet. Most modded tracks so far are terrible however this one is very good IMO.
  3. AMS97KRR said:
    I know it is just a joke, but making something like that is not fair. Plagued by reliability issues and the fastest car is way to fast to catch. Still, let the people have their fun until he wins a 5th title next year ;) 
    You mean Daniel Ricciardo's first title? ;) :p
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